Change 5G In Your Home With Orgonite

It’s clear that there are health effects associated with wireless radiation, and the problem will only get worse with the installation of 5G cell towers dotting our neighborhoods and communities. Our communities had no say as to whether they wanted the cell masts or not, yet the local councils erected them anyway. And not everyone can just ‘pack-up’ and move, so what are we supposed to do? You need to create a field of protection around your body and home. Did you know that there are EMF blocking paints and foams you can purchase that will absorb most of the incoming harmful radiation entering your home? Did you know that you can change the chaotic harmful fields coming into your home from 5G cell towers into beneficial energy? Properly constructed orgonite can do just that!

When we started our research into orgonite almost three years ago I couldn’t get solid sleep for weeks. We were living in a flat on the 5th floor in the middle of large town, surrounded by five cell towers. I told a close friend of my insomnia and she gave me an epoxy resin ‘puck’ filled with aluminum shavings. She said it would help me sleep better. Looking at the puck I skeptically asked if she was serious? My technically trained mind couldn’t understand how such a thing could possibly help, but I would do almost anything to get a good night’s rest. So, I slept with the puck in the bed next to me, and I hadn’t slept so deep in weeks! It was then I concluded that I was electro-sensitive and I had to research the science of Orgone energy as defined by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. In modern science literature, this energy is also synonymous with ‘scalar’, or ‘torsion-field’ research. When Dr. Reich first observed a blue glow around living blood cells and other living micro-organisms he initially terms the phenomena bioelectricity. Further investigation however showed that it was a more complex and powerful bio-energetic force. It is a form of life energy at work within living organisms. When Dr. Reich observed under a microscope the blue glow around living red blood cells, he called it ‘Orgone energy’. This field seems to manifest from the ambient (i.e. ether) and is observable in all living cells.

Dr. Reich conducted a series of experiments to study the orgone field, and it lead to large body of work that other researchers have replicated over the decades. One is called and Orgone Accumulator. This is a box with walls of many alternating layers of steel and an organic layer (sheep wool or plastic). Reich observed a standing orgone field with a constant elevated temperature gradient inside the box (2° C above ambient). The field seemed to also have an electrical property that he was able to measure with specially designed gas discharge tubes. He placed various materials within this field and observed the changes against the identical sample within a wooden ‘control’ box and discovered the following:

Blood samples decayed more slowly in the orgone chamber than the control box upwards of 70% longer! This test is famously known as ‘The Reich Blood Test’ and has been successfully replicated numerous times.
Seedlings that were given at least 24 hrs. in the orgone accumulator yielded healthier plants than their control counterparts
He was able to treat health ailments with his patients who sat in adult sized accumulator boxes ranging from sever depression to cancer. The field he observed had a psychosomatic quality that removed stress and calmed his patients.
His other device was what is most famously known as an atmospheric cloudbuster. It’s an array of long steel tubes connected by thick copper cables at one end which was electrically grounded either to a well or preferably underground water reservoir. The open end of the steel pipes pointed skyward toward the direction to draw incoming moisture-carrying clouds. It was used primarily to draw-in rain water to an area, thus restoring it to its natural conditions. He was able to do this repeatedly by greening deserts in the mid-West. You may be interested to know that some communities currently using this technology to grow crops in arid conditions with success.

Orgonite, a compound of resin (organic insulator) with metal shavings or fine metal particulates, is the evolution of those earlier experiments decades past. A constant standing orgone field surrounds orgonite and balances the electrical fields in the environment. This field can be observed by freezing large samples of ice water, above and below the orgonite sample. As the ice freezes the hydrogen and oxygen bonds form a tornado vortex pattern (torsion field) in the ice! Very cool effect indeed. This field also emits soft negative ions in the environment that bind with positive airborne particulates, making orgonite a passive ionizer. This field has a strong influence over a decent range, although subtle. Four orgonite pyramids gridding a property will break up chemtrails overhead and leave an opening of blue sky extending for miles around. The negative ions and accompanying field extends from the apex, hence the geometric shape. Likewise, if you have orgonite in your garden, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the health of your plants. These electrically negative-charged torsion fields combat the 5G microwaves. They create a shield around your body, home and garden.