Heal Yourself From Chemtrails

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Heavy metals from chemtrails are making a lot of people sick. Many people feel overwhelmed and think that there isn’t anything that they can do to heal themselves. In this article and video we will show you some solutions that can help you to protect yourself from chemtrails and detox yourself from the heavy metals that chemtrails have put in our bodies.

Chemtrails are a mixture of aerosols that contain heavy metals such as aluminum strontium and barium.  These are just the chemicals that we do know about, but there may be other elements that are in chemtrails that have not been made public. Chemtrails come from airplanes that spray them across the skies all over the planet. Chemtrails are used in geoengineering in an attempt to control the weather.  They are used in conjunction with electromagnetic frequencies emitted from machines such as HAARP. One way of looking at how they work together is to imagine that the chemtrails are like the canvas and the electromagnetic fields are like the paintbrush.

Heavy metals from chemtrails have been linked to many different health problems such as nervous system impairment, memory loss, fatigue, kidney failure, digestive problems, frequent cold and flu like symptoms and many other health issues to numerous to list here. (we will be doing another video discussing this more in depth) If you want to improve your health one of the best things you can do is to get the heavy metals out of your environment and your body.

Chemicals falling from the sky from chemtrails can be stopped using orgonite pyramids.  In this video, Hopegirl and Tivon from the Fix the World Organization in Morocco talk about chemtrails and orgonite and how you can use orgonite pyramids to create a shield or grid around your property to clear up the chemtrails above your home.

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