Heavy Metal Detox for 5G Protection

The missing puzzle piece when discussing the toxic effects high frequency electromagnetic radiation is heavy metal toxicity in the body. Metals in aerosols, water and the food supply has led to slow bio-accumulation. In combination with wireless technology, heavy metal toxicity has created a very dangerous mix that puts everyone at risk. In a sea of electromagnetic radiation, when you haveheavy metals in your body, your body essentially becomes an antenna to these lethal signals. Ask yourself what happens when you put metal in the microwave? When one considers the numerous ways we take on heavy metals from the environment, unless you are already on a heavy metal detoxregime, chances are you are toxic.

Geoengineering is a global phenomenon and the aerosols (chemtrails) are known to contain numerous heavy metals. There’s also metals in the water and food. Illnesses are exacerbated by theheavy metals. The most conservative estimates are that the chemtrail phenomenon started globally in the mid-1990s. So, if you are in your mid-20s or older you have accumulated decades worth of trace heavy metals in your tissues. This is an example of slow bio-accumulation from the environment. Heavy metals alone have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Studies of particulates found in atmospheric aerosol spraying has found the following substances; aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury, lead, fluoride, etc. These contaminates lodge in your brain, bones, skin and central nervous system, basically turning you into an antenna of these millimeter signals.

You must detox your body of heavy metals! You have to do it. It’s the other half of the equation to staying healthy. This detox plan must also be able to remove fungus and other pathogens because your immune system is the best defense. You need to start drinking clean water from a trusted local source, either mineralized or distilled. I’ve been drinking distilled water religiously for almost two years now and love it. It’s a good way to flush the heavy metals from your body and reduce the toxic uptake. A good way to determine your body’s toxicity is to get a ‘hair mineral trace analysis’ and an ‘electrolyte base test’. The hair analysis just requires a section of hair be removed from your scalp to be sent to the lab. That section of hair has all the information the laboratory needs to determine all the substances absorbed in the body. It’s a vey accurate way to find out what heavy metals are in the body and what minerals you are lacking in your diet. A high protein mineral fatty-acid diet and drinking lots of fluid is critical in building detoxing agents. Fatty acids must be constantly replenished because its deficiency leads the nervous system vulnerable to fat-soluble metals. Taking metaldetoxing herbs is also key to restoring natural function. The herb cilantro removes metals out of the bones and the central nervous system fast. Cilantro must also be taken with Chlorella (an intestinal absorbing agent), and are normally sold together if you purchase online. Studies have shown that if you take these for 42 days, it will remove up to 80 percent of heavy metals from the body!