How Orgonite Can Help Your Plants Grow

Here is an amazing story with incredible pictures from a gardener showing how using orgonite in their garden dramatically increased their plant growth yield.

A gardening group called “Orgone Art” carried out the following experiment which demonstrated this dramatic effect. Two identical garden beds were sowed with the same weight of butternut seeds. The plants were not given any fertilizers or pesticides.


Here are the two garden beds, side by side.

 5 large pieces of orgonite were placed on the garden bed to the right, 4 to each side and a cone in the middle:

Not even a month later than the first picture, we can already see a difference – the plants in the orgonised garden to the right are already bigger:

Yet another month later, the difference is striking:

Here is a close-up of the orgonised garden:

And a close-up of the non-orgonised garden:

On August 27th, the orgonised garden produced 16 big marrows, while the normal garden produced 5 small marrows. Dramatic results!

And here are some more pictures of orgonised plant growth, posted on Warrior Matrix forum. The plants on the right were given orgonite, and were focused on with intention to make it grow better (intent can also have a powerful effect on plants).

Here are the plants in the greenhouse. The tomato plant with the orgonite towers above the rest (you can spot the piece of orgonite sticking out from the pot).

And here is a final comparison:

The orgonised tomato plant eventually had to be re-potted because it was growing too big! Its amazing what orgonite can do for your garden!