How to Energize Your Food and Water: A Must Read!

How many times have you had to throw out perfectly good fruits and veggies because they rotted before you had a chance to eat them?  I used to have this problem and it made me feel so frustrated to throw away perfectly good food and the hard earned money I spent on it.   But then I learned about orgone energy and tried this really great trick and found that the food in my fridge was lasting up to 3 times longer!

Orgone energy is the lifeforce energy around every living cell which gives off a blue glow under a microscope. Orgonite, is a composite made with certain organic and metallic materials that emits negative ions which helps to preserve the orgone energy in all life forms.   My partner Tivon and I have made these special orgonite charging plates. When I placed one in my fridge, not only did it preserve my fruits and veggies, but it actually turns the entire fridge into an orgone accumulator box!!  I could even see the effects of the orgonite in the ice trays in the freezer! This was the result of the orgonite charge plates structuring the water!

Structured water is something that happens naturally in environments where water passes through large mountains rivers and streams.  When water is “structured” the molecular arrangement of the water molecules are arranged slightly differently in hexagonally structured single layer sheets. This actually changes the water where there is an electrical potential (voltage) between the structured water and any water surrounding it. In other words, structured water stores energy, much like a battery.   Our bodies are filled with structured water naturally, so drinking more structured water is like recharging the liquid battery of the body.  The result: YOU FEEL GREAT WHEN YOU DRINK STRUCTURED WATER!

The best part is that you can see the vortex of energy that the orgonite charge plates create as they structure your water in something called an ice test. In this test, we freeze water in a glass on top of a charge plate, and the energy pattern formed by the orgonite which would normally be invisible to the naked eye, suddenly becomes visible in the frozen pattern of the ice.  This picture below is one we took of an ice test on our charge plates where you can clearly see the tornado shape vortex in the middle of the glass. Also this forms signature ice crystals that shoot out in beautiful spears which we’ve put another picture of below.


Our Ice Test Using Our Charge Plates:

Another water sample frozen with orgonite:

Compare to plain frozen water without using orgonite:

So now all my food lasts longer and my water is structured which gives me more energy and makes me feel so much better. Also, if I ever have a restless night where I find it hard to go to sleep, I put a charging plate under my pillow and I’m sleeping like a baby in no time. Understanding the benefits of orgone energy has helped change our lives in so many ways. I hope it can help you too!

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