How to Protect Yourself From 5G With Orgonite

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Everyone is gearing up for the rollout of the new wireless technology called 5G, and it hasn’t been proved to be safe. People have been asking questions as to what they can do to protect themselves from 5G. We’ve been putting out a series of videos to try to help educate and inform the public on just how to do this. There are two main things that you can do to try to protect yourself from 5G:

  • Detoxify your body heavy metals.
  • Change the electricity in the air around you using orgonite.

Orgonite is a composite that was developed from the technology of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. This compound when properly constructed is able to take stray electromagnetic fields in the environment and transform them into harmless beneficial fields. It does this by passively emitting beneficial negative ions into the environment. Simply, orgonite is something you can have on your body and around you in the home, garden and office to help protect you from the harmful microwaves coming from 5G.

We were electro-sensitive to Wifi and electrical appliances, which is why we started making our blend of orgonite products. Having it in our lives have really helped us a lot! We started making it for ourselves then our friends and family, and we eventually started to turn it into a small business. We ship it all over the world

Our blend of powders have microwave blocking properties and transform these harmful fields into beneficial healing energy. We have made several products with this blend:

  • We make orgone pendants that you can wear on your body
  • You can use orgone charge plates to preserve food in your refrigerator. Also you can use our charge plates to passively structure water by simply placing a filled container on top of it.
  • Our orgone pyramids are good to grid your property for EMF protection and to also repel and disperse aerosol particulates (chemtrails) by sending the charged toxic particles skyward.
  • We also offer orgonite sleeping pods which help you get a good night sleep.
  • We have garden gift packs of orgone pyramids and pucks that you  can place in your gardens to help your plants grow healthier and stronger.

Protect yourself from 5G with our shungite orgonite products!