Polished Shungite Stone Set: Pyramid (8cm x 8cm base), Cube (8cm), Sphere (8cm diameter) – EMF Protection

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Elite Shungite Stones for water mineralization, plant growth and health and wellness.



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These Shungite products drastically reduce the harmful effects of EMFs your home or office space.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a very rare stone that comes from a meteor that can only be found in Karelia, Russia. This mineral has some incredible scientific properties that is used to improve your health and the environment. It is the only known natural material that contains fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants. Shungite provides protection from electromagnetic radiation. It is also used to make shungite water, shungite healing rooms, and combat the effects of electro-sensitivity. Shungite (in powder form) can be applied topically to provide health and wellness benefits. In Russia, wellness spas routinely use Shungite water for teas, skin treatments, and baths.

Elite (or Noble) Shungite is the rarest form of this mineral – it is found in less than 1% of all Shungite deposits. Elite is the most potent (and efficient) form of Shungite, and has a much higher percentage of organic carbon (up to 98%), with significantly more Fullerenes than lower grades. These naturally abundant Fullerenes neutralize harmful contaminants, purify water and air, provide powerful antioxidants, and eliminates bad odor.

EMF Protection, Health and Wellness Benefits

Beekeepers use shungite to eradicate bee ‘colony collapse syndrome’ because of its natural ability to transform and attenuate the destructive effects of EMF on the immune system. As a result, shungite beehives are thriving instead of dying. These same effects can be applied to your home when you have Shungite products in your living space. It provides a barrier of protection against electromagnetic, carcinogenic, and radiological toxins in the environment.

According to historical records dating back to the 18th century, villagers local to the Shungite deposits used this mineral as a water purifier and as a healing substance – for burns, insect bites, small wounds. It is also used to get rid of rashes and other skin problems, and to ease aches and pains. You can bath, cooked, and drink with it. There are many studies about the benefits of Shungite – numerous conferences, books, papers, and articles. It is also widely accepted that Shungite  possesses a multitude of properties beneficial to one’s health – the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides and pharmaceuticals, absorb from water various other organic and inorganic toxins as well as heavy metals.

Shungite for Plant Growth

Shungite is successfully used in sustainable farming. Rich in micro-elements and bioactive components, water containing shungite runoff is filled with essential minerals; copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Gardeners and farmers are amazed with the increase in health and yields of their crops.

Pets and Shungite

Our pets are especially vulnerable to environmental pollution, and electromagnetic exposure, which can increase the risk of many diseases. Animals heal naturally when treated with Shungite. Empirical data, and numerous scientific studies, confirm that animals react very positively to Shungite.

All of our pure Shungite stone products are made by our exclusive suppliers in Karelia Russia, Karelia Stone company. You can see their Certification of Authenticity (English version).

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