I used to have some problems before I realized what was happening to me. I used to work with my laptop in the same room as three other people, and we all had the wifi connection active in the room and we lived in between four cell-towers in a fourth floor flat. I remember how lethargic I felt during the day, and that was only the start. I had bouts of mood swings and constant agitation. The kicker was, it wasn’t until a year after working in these conditions, we all started talking to each other about how we felt and found that we were suffering nearly the same symptoms! I suspected it may have been the electromagnetic pollution in our workspace but wasn’t sure.

However, it wasn’t until one weekend when I was at the beach with my laptop. I immediately felt a huge difference! I was still receiving a wifi signal from a booster on the roof but generally reception was poor and there wasn’t a cell tower to be seen from miles around. I also thoroughly enjoyed the euphoria of basking in the sun and the smell of the sea. When I returned to the flat in the city from my coastal retreat, once again, I felt a drastic change. I’m sure everyone has felt this sensation, especially after coming from a place of rest and relaxation (and negative ions). Almost like an invisible oppressive sensation or dark cloud looming in the work area, I had difficulty sleeping in the evenings as the bedroom was only two doors away. It was then I mentioned my problem to a friend, who then gave me an orgonite puck to place next to my pillow in the bedroom. For the first time in weeks I was able sleep peacefully. I was sold. It started my journey to making wearable orgonite. I was first wearing something that looked like a hockey puck around my neck. A few heckles later, I gradually improved on the design.

I experimented with the powder blend and size of the orgonite pendants, and gave them to my partner Naima and to friends and family. I wanted them to feel the sense of peace, calm and relaxation that I was experiencing, but remained silent and waited for their feedback. To my surprise, when Naima told me that as soon as she put on the pendant she felt the need to take a nap and awoke energized, I knew we were on to something that could truly improve lives. We then started to receive positive feedback from our friends. In short, I’ve worn my orgone pendant ever since. I’ve put two years of research into the development of the orgonite that we make.  Each piece is made by hand with love and care in our small home workshop. We really wanted people to have a chance to experience orgonite for themselves, so we’ve worked out a way to give away our pendants for free. All we ask is that you pay a small amount for shipping and handling and we ship anywhere in the world. We’ve sent out over 1,000 pendants to people in many different countries and so far folks are loving them! If you would like to try orgonite for yourself, click the link below to get your free pendant.  We also have some other really great offers at low prices for you to check out.


Talk soon,
Fix The World
P.S. thought you’d like the picture below of our beautiful pendant as it reminds me of that first moment I had on the beach when I first felt the relief that orgonite now gives to me and my family.