Get Ready! Here Comes the Next Bioweapon Wave!

Researchers Hope & Tivon return to SGT Report with another blockbuster report this time detailing the next bioweapons wave which includes mRNA technology in a wide variety of vaccines other than the Covid vax.

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Covid Tyranny is Not Over: Understanding what “state of Emergency” really means

Vaccine Shedding: New Docume Worse Ones Ever! Big Pharma Free For all!

Amazing new study done on Covid Vax  Self Assembling and EMF

New La Quinta Columna Research: Is “Shedding” an Electromagnetic effect?

Solutions for Shedding and Frequency Protection


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Show Notes:

Covid Tyranny is Not Over: Understand what “state of Emergency” really means.

It may seem like restrictions are over and everything has gone back to a “new normal” but Do Not Be Deceived! The global elite have every country locked in to a legal “state of emergency” which means they have full control and can put all restrictions back into place whenever they want without any warning or notice and there are plenty of recent signs that show that they plan to do just that!


How we got here:
Legal Walls of the Covid 19 Kill Box Katherine Watt

In this one-hour interview, Attorney Todd Callender described international and federal legislative, executive, judicial, medical and military frameworks introduced in 1990 and reinforced repeatedly between then and now, using public health emergency predicates to create and control a new sub-human, or trans-human, species.

Timeline of Events:

Who are “they”… Todd Callender calls them the owners, they are the families the privately own the Bank of International Settlements. Through the BIS they own all the other private central banks in the world including the Federal Reserve. For a list of names of who these people are see this report:


1990 – The “Owners” decide there are too many people in the world and decided that depopulation was needed. The phrase “sustainable development” was created at this time. Code for depopulation

1992- Rio De Janeiro United Nations Climate Accords.  “Agenda 21” was born. 179 Countries signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and made a commitment to follow this on behalf of all the people in their country.

By 1994, enough nations had signed for the convention to enter into force.

1994 – The Owners extort governments of the world’s nation-states to adopt International Conference on Population and Development Program of Action

In September 1994, the United Nations hosted the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt.

In 2005, through the World Health Organization, the individuals who control the Bank of International Settlements created the revised International Health Regulations (IHR). This states that 196 countries agree to implement regulations (restrictions, masks, vaccines, border closures, lockdowns) as long as the WHO declares a “public health emergency of international concern” or PHEIC

Again, 179 nation-states signed on to a 20-year Programme of Action, which was extended in 2010 to cover 2014-2034.Every country that signed into these regulations then put into their local laws that they have to abide by these international health regulations.

2004-2020 Countries all around the world wrote the IHR regulations into their own local laws. In the US several Executive Orders and Acts were passed.

Jan. 30, 2020 WHO Director-General declaration of “public health emergency of international concern.”
All Nations involved followed in lockstep.

“How did the coordinated and Homogenized approach to Covid happen in countries all over the world?

It was the 1990 meeting RIO climate accords, Agenda 21, out of these came the control that we are seeing today.  How does one take over the whole population at the same time? The powers utilized public health as the mechanism to do just that”

Funding is given to states that declare public health emergencies. (while the independent economy crashes)  This was found in an Arizona case study. Internationally Funding was given to countries that declared a state of Emergency by the IMF, while the independent economy was sabotaged)

Most countries are insolvent so the only way they are still functioning is by extending the state of emergency in order to keep receiving funding.

As long as the state of emergency status is in place, the “Owners” through the UN WHO control almost every government in the world.


Recent Examples that the Covid Narrative is NOT OVER

Military in streets of Germany in October

Canada 90% must get new shots or else they will put in new restrictions

Canada spends 28 million on building Covid Concentration Camps

China sleeping in streets in Shenzhen because of a missed PCR test QR codes showing red, denied entry to housing

Biden signed deal with German factory to make PCR tests as late as 2024.

Vaccine Shedding: New Documentation What you Can Do to Protect Yourself
Before we get into the new Bioweapons that are about to be rolling out through the general population, we need to cover some new and relevant studies on vaccine shedding to unvaccinated individuals that have recently been revealed.

Pfizer Documents: Pfizer knew that the vaccine bioweapon would shed to the unvaccinated.
Confidential Pfizer COVID Vaccine Documents state ‘Shedding’ is possible via ‘Skin-to-Skin Contact’ & ‘Breathing the same Air’ and can cause ‘Menstrual Cycle Disruption’ & ‘Miscarriage’

New University of Colorado Study

Doctors discover Graphene is being transmitted from the COVID Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated, destroying Blood Cells & causing Blood Clots

John Hopkins – Self Spreading Vaccines:

Study of Vaccine Shedding passed down to generations of Mice (Reminder)

Testimony of Massage Therapist, who was hospitalized due to vaccine shedding
Massage Therapist Nicole Nogrady, who shares shocking details of how she knows the vaccine shedding is 100% real, and what has happened to her body as a result of massaging vaccinated clients.

I started noticing in an enclosed massage room that I was feeling different than I had in the past, and I’ve been a massage therapist for years. I started feeling light headed and noticed that my blood circulation was a bit off. I tried to not let it get to me and thought maybe it was because “I didn’t eat enough today… or something similar. But it was always people who I knew for a fact who outwardly told me, “Oh I just got vaccinated”, those were the people that I noticed I had the most reaction too.  I started having a reaction in my hands and fingertips. It was like a tingling and burning with an extreme sensitivity in my fingertips. Then I started noticing that my lymph nodes were swollen. I wasn’t actually getting sick but I could tell that my body was fighting something. I took a break and went out of town for a couple of weeks, and everything went back to normal because I wasn’t massaging anyone.

One can only assume that your hands on someone else’s body is transferring or shedding through the skin.  They say that anything you put on the skin enters the blood stream within 30 seconds.

I was noticing that I constantly had a sore throat. My eyes would sometimes burn and there was a strange smell in room. (this strange smell from the vaccinated has been discussed by La Quinta Columna as well)  I am too sensitive to work on vaccinated clients. I ended up in the hospital FIVE times.  I had a lot of stress on my body and my immune system was very low because I was exposed to so many peoples immune systems.  Something happened to my nervous system that set off a lot of issues. I had gastric issues, insomnia, crazy anxiety that I have never had before in my life. There are two other massage therapists that I know that have had similar experiences. It got worse when people started getting boosters. I would find myself more exhausted after a massage then I’ve ever been before. I had circulatory symptoms related to  POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) for weeks.

My monthly cycle became irregular. I would give a massage and then I would start getting cramps as if I was about to get my cycle but it was no where near the time where the symptoms would make sense.  I had bleeding in between and all sorts of hormonal issues.




Many have been asking the question: “How long does a vaccinated person “shed” or “transmit” the toxic effects of the vaccine to other non vaccinated people after they receive the injection? Is there a specific time period one should avoid being around a freshly vaccinated person to prevent contamination from the bioweapon?

Live Q&A session with

Dr. Bryan Ardis & Dr. Henry Ealy

on Monday, September 5th at 5 pm ET – REPLAY

“Yes, people are shedding. What is interesting is that the shedding they actually see under the microscope looks identical to snake venom proteins.

It’s actually proposed by Dr. Peter McCullough and others that from research documentation, it’s about 10 weeks of maximum shedding following the vaccines. I believe they came out with the 6 month booster protocol because they were actually measuring to see how long the vaccine maximum shedding period was. I believe it’s actually six months, but per research documents it’s 10 weeks.”

New Injections Rolling out NOW Worse Ones Ever! Big Pharma Free For all!

This is a Warning we are trying to issue to the general population about the upcoming “Flu Season”
This is what they are not telling you.

In the past, what we knew of as “Vaccines” or “flu shots” ARE NOT THE SAME THING THAT THEY ARE ROLLING OUT RIGHT NOW WITH THE UPCOMING FLU SEASON.   What they are doing now is a Big Pharma Free For All, with NO TESTING,  and JABS OF ALL KINDS  that are up to 10 times deadlier.

Here is what’s different:

“Vaccines” used to need years of testing and clinical trials in order to be approved and given to the general population. MRNA Gene Therapy was Forbidden by ruling authorities of the past, because of its deadly consequences.

An executive order was signed DATE  that allowed all mRNA injections to be given to the population. NOW ALL NEW INJECTIONS ARE mRNA concoctions that are made up by a computer program.

Dr. David Martin from this interview:

“September, 19 2019 Executive Order [13887] was signed that included the mandate for mRNA vaccines. This is was gave the platform to CRISPR Cas9 technology. If you start putting mRNA into people, you will have to find technologies that will clip it out. This is gene editing.  They have been trying to make mRNA gene editing legal for decades, but they were not able to because each time they tried the church always got in the way and stopped it.  They  needed to find a way to get the church and morality out of the picture so that they could edit the human genome and have no one comment on this from a moral standpoint or have a religious objection.  So they created the platform to get mRNA distributed through this executive order, then they gave a nobel peace prize to the women who created CRISPR Cas9 technology during the pandemic that was created to get CRISPR into the the main stream without the objection of the church.


There was not a single reason for this executive order to have been created at the time it was made. There was no pandemic outbreak at this time, this was before we heard of anything happening in Wuhan China.

No More Testing Done on New Shots. You Are the Test.

On August 22 2022 An FDA change to vaccine authorization allowed Pfizer and Moderna to apply for new booster shot approval without  having to submit any clinical trial data of their new vaccines.

An FDA change to vaccine authorization allowed Pfizer and Moderna to apply for BA.5 booster approval without key data

This is how it is supposed to go. There are phases of drug trials that have been used in the past to get many compounds from and idea to the pharmacy shelf. There were lots of precautionary stages that were supposed to establish safety.

 We have stayed so far from establishing any kind of safety measures, you might as well go into an industrial heavy metal factory and start injecting yourself with everything you can find in there. This is essentially what is happening.


CDC Says No More Injection Testing

Moderna skips testing

Here is How a “Vaccine” Is Made Now:

A series of codes are typed into a computer program, which runs a simulation that spits out a special formula of ingredients, those ingredients are then mixed into a vial in a lab, billions of vials are produced and shipped out and immediately injected into the arms of individuals. And now it is approved to be injected into humans WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING DONE PRIOR TO INJECTION.

From the National Human Genome Research Institute:
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Production

“Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers used state-of-the-art genomic sequencers to quickly sequence the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This sequence was quickly shared with other researchers. This allowed researchers from across the globe to analyze the virus and better understand how it causes disease. The speed of this crucial first step enabled the immediate research and development of viable vaccine candidates.  Once a sequence is selected, a new plasmid can be produced within a couple of weeks…”

Here are the new Bioweapons that are being injected into the general population for FLU Season 2022 (October through April)

Pfizer new Bivalent Covid Updated Shots contains two strands of mRNA Gene Editing
Moderna new Bivalent Covid Updated Shots two strands of mRNA Gene Editing
MonkeyPox mRNA Vaccine
Small Pox mRNA Vaccine
Universal Flu Shot which contains TEN STRANDS OF mRNA Gene Editing.

Calling it “Updated Covid-19 shot” because they have worn out the term Booster and not enough people are taking the booster shots.

Bivalent Definition:  a pair of homologous chromosomes. You will get at least two of these mRNA gene editing molecules in their “updated vaccine”

Remember, all of the damage and death we have seen so far was caused by ONLY ONE mRNA molecule in the jabs. Imaging what two or ten will do!

Here is what Moderna has in store for you with their Universal Flu shot that can contain up to 10 mRNA that you will be getting every September.

Stephane Bancel:

There are 10 viruses that circulate in the world, some of them mutate fast like Covid and the Flu. We think we can put in a single product a lot of mRNA’s that take care of all those viruses, and once a year in September you should get an annual booster, single dose, that has in the vial all those mRNA’s for all those viruses that have of course adapted to the strain of the season, like FLU or like Covid.

The idea is a bit like the iPhone. A lot of people buy a new iPhone every September where you get new apps and refreshed apps. And that’s the same idea with this, you get Covid and Flu and RSV in a single dose. And you get the best science of the moment to protect you for the strain circulating now and in the fall/winter. We can combine all those things and provide to people all around the world the annual booster. So only one shot.


“What we have coming our way now is the manifestation of pharmaceutical companies with nothing but dollar signs in their eyes and absolutely no over sight.

New Studies Done: Covid Vaxx self assembling and EMF

Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self Assemble

Graphene Oxide Shedding Study

La Quinta Columna’s take on shedding



School District in Maine Rolling out New Technology Tracking Student Ridership Buses


Question: Are the vaccinated contagious?

Ans: The shedding phenomenon is an electromagnetic effect that has symptoms similar to a contagion.

  • there is no transmission of any pathogen (i.e. virus)
  • there IS exposure to electromagnetic radiation (4G, 5G), made clear in the research of La Quinta Columna
  • Contagious-like symptoms can be explained by electromagnetic resonance:


Ricardo Delgado shared a recent experience of being near people he knew that recently had radiotherapy.

What is radiotherapy? The use of high energy xray or proton radiation beams to kill cancer cells. The high energy beam destroys the cancer genetic code that controls cell growth and division. -Mayo Clinic

When a person comes from a radiotherapy session, they are also exposed to high EMFs (the multi-beam, RF power source, magnetron, RF monitoring sensors, etc.)

Patients are told not to have human contact for at least 24 to 48 hours, and the clothes have to be put aside.

Ricardo mentioned his electromagnetic wave meter also detects residual RF emissions from patients that were just treated,  like it does with inoculated people. The difference is the inoculated have a graphene marker that amplifies and catalyzes EMF radiation damage.

The video summarizes the observations that EMFs exposure induces toxic effects including the contagious-like symptoms through sympathetic resonance (i.e. used in machines to scan the body; protons, x-rays and gamma rays using electrons, MRI scans, etc). RF frequencies excite protons (in your body) which in turn emit electromagnetic radiation.

This video clip is an example of the phenomena using pendulum oscillators of different phases on a common platform suddenly ‘sync up’ given enough time. As we wait for the pendulums to sync up, we will take this opportunity to explain what happens once they do as it might pertain to the injections currently disseminated amongst the global population.

‘toxic’ symptoms (information) can be transmitted to and from individuals or the group very efficiently, even if they move away from the initial source. The bodies of the injected provide the electrical power (like a battery) to continue resonating these fields, effectively turning them into wireless repeater/routers. We are witnessing lethal damage by EMF irradiation. The more graphene oxide, the greater the damage. The ‘contagion’ is not a contagion because there is no pathogen.

How else can you control 7 billion people.

Everything has its own resonant frequency. Through this frequency you can transmit energy and information.

Graphene oxide has multiple resonant frequencies. One of them is 26Ghz, which will be a frequency used in the new 5G infrastructure.

This is an example of how you can use frequencies to affect other objects tuned to the same frequency. This man is striking a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain frequency. He is trying to get another tuning fork of a different resonant frequency to vibrate, unsuccessfully. Only when he uses a tuning fork set to the same resonant frequency will it vibrate. Watch how the 2nd tuning fork is activated. This is called sympathetic resonance.

Stew Peters interviewed Matt Taylor, an independent researcher and electrical engineer expat living in Ecuador. Matt conducted experiments with vaccine samples by exposing them to EMFs emitted from his wireless router. His discovery was the clear fluid in the sample began to show opaque self-organizing structures that grew in complexity during the time it was exposed to frequencies emitted from his wireless router.

Some of the linear designs and patterns in the image above look very similar to the ones found

in the morphic resonance xylitol crystal experiments conducted by Dr. Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) is his lab (below).

The self-assembling structures look like circuit boards when fully formed from the translucent fluid, an dis-assemble/disappear when the router is turned off in a matter of minutes.

Matt concludes there is a direct relationship between frequency technology and health emergency injections/’clot shots’.

He is also calling on replication of his experiment.

These are examples of independent researchers of high caliber coming to the same conclusion: The contagion is the weaponized wireless infrastructure and the toxic sea of electromagnetic fields that we’re all immersed in.

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