5G and Nanotech in the Covid Jabs

In this show on the SGT report, Tivon and Hope cover the latest extensive research of new findings in the Covid Jabs and how they work with the latest upgrades of 5G.

You can access the powerpoint slides used in the presentation Here: 5G and Nanotech in Covid Jabs SGT Presentation February 2022

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Summary Outline:

5G What is C-Band

EMF Electrical Pollution and the FLU = A History
Tri Field Meters
Lethal Dose Experiment Vaccines and 5G Rollout

Energy weapons

Is there a Virus? Virology Fraud Debate
Rockefeller Medical System and the Flexnor Report

The Nanotechnology Network injected into the Human Body
Humans Emmitting Blue Tooth Codes

Gene Editing and DNA collection
Why am I sick? “Shedding” or transmission
How to protect yourself: EMFs in environment and Strengthening your immune system

Background and Experience

Back in 2017 we wrote our book “FORBIDDEN TECH: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about.”  This was an accumulation of our own life’s work and personal experiences. Because we are a family of scientists and engineers who have been working on “free energy” technology which is a highly controversial field, we found ourselves the victims of several covert programs. These include: The targeted Individuals program, Electronic harassment, gangstalking, energy weapons, JTRIG online manipulation tactics, and Tavistock psychological operations.  It is because of our own personal experiences with these programs that we dug deep into our research and learned as much as we can about them. We were simply looking for solutions to our own problems which had become almost unbearable to live with at the time.

In our book we wrote about these fringe topics and defined them. Included in this work we also talked about some of the more extreme forms of technology that we felt were being used on us such as fractal antennae’s, quantum dots, smart dust, luciferase, and others.

Little did we know back then that the research that we outlined in our book would soon become the very  tactics and technology that would be deployed on the entire worlds population via a fake pandemic and coerced injections.  While it can be a painful experience, we feel grateful to have gone through this because it is what has prompted us to do the research that can help others. We strongly believe that through it all it is our faith in God that has revealed the solutions to us and helped us to weather this storm. All glory goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


We are Christians, Engineers and Scientists. We feel it is our calling to help inform people about the technology that is being used against Gods creation. We have been monitoring the news on 5G, Covid Vaccine related issues so that we can present them in a condensed summary to inform the public.

FORBIDDEN TECH: The complete guide to energy, social, and biological technologies that they did not want you to know about.  (2017)

Online engineering academy for the co-development of researching and building DIY off grid energy devices. WWW.CLEANENERGYACADEMY.COM


What is C-Band

Facts about C-Band:

C-band is a designated by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) range of satellite frequencies that TV, government and radio channels use to transmit to ground-based larger satellite dishes, ranging from 4-8 GHz. In the United States,  C-band is within 3.7-4.2 GHz (as determined by US FCC).

  • Nuclear Fusion facilities and Particle Accelerators use high-power C-band RF sources to power their experiments (3.7, 4.6, 5.996 and 5.713 GHz)


  • 2-4.4 GHz is allocated to the Aeronautical Radionavigation Service (ARNS) worldwide to be use exclusively for radar altimeters installed on-board aircraft and ground-based transponders.


  • In February 2020, The FCC adopted rules for C-Band at 3.7-4.2 GHz that allocated the lower 280 megahertz of the band, at 3.7-3.98 GHz, for terrestrial wireless use. Existing satellite operators will have to shift operations to the upper 200 megahertz of the band from 4-4.2 GHz


  • In December 2021, Boeing and Airbus called on the US Government to delay the rollout of C-Band due to possible interference with aircraft instruments. January 18th, 2022, Verizon and AT&T announced that they would delay the 5G C-Band rollout near airports in response.


5G / C-Band Situation (source: Qualcomm)



Trifield Meter

Professional Trifield meter measures magnetic, electric and RF fields in the environment. New meters are now able to detect and measure within the C-Band.



Trifield Meter

Professional Trifield meter measures magnetic, electric and RF fields in the environment. New meters are now able to detect and measure within the C-Band.

Tom Wheeler Speech: Means more now than ever. They told us exactly what the plan was.



International Airlines cancel flights to the US due to Dangerous US 5G rollout.
Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airlines canceled flights because of US 5G rollout issues:
“We were not aware that the power of the antennae’s in the United States have been doubled compared to what is going on elsewhere, and the antennae’s themselves have been put into a vertical position rather than a sideways position.”


EMF Electrical Pollution and the FLU = A History

5G Explained – Radiation Poisoning is Causing Sickness

Notes from presentation by Dr. Tom Cowan

“Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell” Viruses are pieces of DNR or RNA with a few other proteins, they bud out from the cell, they happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything. Cells get poisoned and try to purify themselves by excreting debris.

“Diseases are poisoning”
Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it, you kill some, and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation so that they live a little bit longer and sicker.

During every pandemic in the last 150 years there was a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth.

Late 1917 was the introduction of radiowaves around the world. – Spanish Flu – Great Influenza Epidemic of 1918. In two years 1/3 of the earth population was infected by four successive waves.  Up to 100 million people died, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in human history.


The Invisible Rainbow: https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/the-invisible-rainbow/

In The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg traces the history of electricity from the early eighteenth century to the present, making a compelling case that many environmental problems, as well as the major diseases of industrialized civilization—heart disease, diabetes, and cancer—are related to electrical pollution.

Flu-viruses, pandemic and electromagnetic radio and microwave radiation connections:

1800s and 1900s AC currents and power lines installed all over earth. First city in the world to install electrical street lights was Hammerfest, Norway. The radiation of people begins on a massive world wide scale.

1918, the radio era begins with large radio towers being installed all over earth. 1918, the Spanish influenza (H1N1) pandemic outbreak and between 17 to 50 million people died according to official numbers.

1957, massive amount of radar stations being build all over earth. 1957, the Asian flu virus (H2N2) pandemic and between 1 to 4 million people died according to official numbers.

1968, massive amount of Satellites and secret listening stations being build all over earth. 1968, the Hong Kong flu pandemic (H3N2) and between 1 to 4 million people died according to official numbers world wide.

1976, first 1G cell tower site installed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA. 1976, an outbreak of the swine flu, influenza A virus subtype H1N1 at Fort Dix, New Jersey, USA caused 1 death and 13 was hospitalized.

1989, upgrade from 2G to 3G world wide on a massive scale. 1989, swine flu outbreak with about 150,000–575,000 fatalities world wide.

2013, the start of the 3G to 4G upgrade world wide. 2013, avian flu (bird flu) outbreak (H7N9), and between 2013 and 2017 there where 916 lab-confirmed human cases and 35 deaths world wide. In the USA more than 43 million birds in 15 states had been destroyed as a result of the outbreak, including nearly 30 million in Iowa alone.

2019, world wide upgrade of 4G to 5G, and first town to activate on full scale was Wuhan, China.



Lethal Dose Experiment

The following analysis is a comparison of research done by Team Enigma on Covid Vaccine batches, a presentation by former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon in front of the Corona Committee, an explanation by Dr. Lee Merritt former President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and a presentation done by Dr. Sandra Vranic  from the Nanomedicine Lab Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences & National Graphene Institute University of Manchester.

Using VAERS data, Team Enigma matched up vaccine batch or lot numbers to the number of adverse reactions.


-Not all vials (per brand) have the same stuff in them. Some have very lethal dosages, others have saline or placebo, some are in between. They have the quality control to manufacture billions of consistent doses (per Dr. Yeadons expert testimony) which they did not adhere to. This was done intentionally by the companies who then lied to the public about it, gaslighting billions of people into taking the injections. “I took it and I’m fine, so you should take it too because it’s the same thing, you’ll be fine too”.

– The batch data shows a coordinated release of each vaccine company, meaning that they were working together and collaborating on this and were not working independently. (per Dr. Merritt’s expert testimony)

-The Pfizer batch release on the chart shows a “dose response curve”, meaning they would release a very toxic batch see what it does, then release a placebo, then release a less toxic batch, then a placebo, then a less toxic batch. (per Dr. Merritt’s expert testimony) The intention is to find out how much poison they can inject into people before it kills them. This dose response curve in the data shows premeditated mass murder by the pharma companies.

This pattern mirrors an experiment that was done in 2016 where they were trying to find out how much graphene oxide they can put into a person before it kills them. (covered this in our last show)

Our 5G rollout hypothesis is that they will be experimenting on the population in the same pattern that they have been shown to do with Graphene oxide experiments and the Covid injections.

They WILL NOT turn on all frequency bands at the same time. They will fluctuate the amount of frequencies emitted in a controlled experiment in various locations based on criteria that we do not have access to.

Testimony sent in by a listener: (name and location redacted)

This mans son is a dispatcher in a small Midwest town population 4,000. Normally he gets about one call a night between 6pm-7am which is usually just a drunk doing something stupid or something small like this. On the evening when they turned on the 5G in his town, he got 5 calls. 5 People in different locations all collapsed at the same time. They had to be medevac’d out and luckily they survived. This is what happened when they turned on the 5G in this town.

Premeditated Mass Murder?! Dr Michael Yeadon Joins Reiner Fuellmich To Discuss Genocide Clues

As comparison, this is a normal adverse reaction graph to flu vaccines given over many years.

This is the Covid Vaccines

Independent researchers called “Team Enigma” were doing their own analysis of the VAERS database. What they were doing was they were pulling the vaccine batch or lot number and comparing the adverse events from each lot number of the same manufacturer. Their expectation was that they would get a scattering of adverse events across all the states and all of the lots. But they didn’t find that. This person found that 90 percent of the adverse events were associated with less than 10 percent of the lots.

Michael Yeadon explains in depth the quality control measures that are usually in place when companies mass manufacture billions of doses of vaccines. His argument shows just how deliberate and planned this dosage experiment is.

Why do you have some people who have no reaction to the vaccine and then you have other people who have a horrible reaction and sometimes even die?

A bombshells loaded interview of two seasoned truth warriors – Dr Dave Janda and Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Lee Merritt
When you have an adverse event you can tell which lot number of vaccine it came from. Some lots have no toxicity and other lots are all toxicity and other lots are in between. When you look at the graph of all of these lot numbers over time.  This graph shows the shots of J&J, Moderna, Pfizer all together. You can clearly see that these companies coordinated the releasing of these batches, so these companies are not acting independently. This graph shows that first they released the J&J shot, and then there was a pause, and then they released the Moderna lots and then there was a pause. And then they released the Pfizer lots and you see an alarming pattern develop.  You see a series of bars of adverse reactions with pauses in between in a descending pattern. They were doing what is called a dose response curve.  It is a lethal dose experiment.

Dr. Lee in front of the Corona Committee There is no SARS-CoV-2 virus – Dr. Lee Merritt 1/7/22


Is there a Virus? Virology Fraud Debate

For the first time in history, a world renown virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka ran a three phased controlled experiment that proved that the way the establishment is claiming to “find viruses” in people is a fraud.

“The first sensational news has arrived. The control tests, which Dr. Stefan Lanka commissioned in a laboratory, confirm that the claimed cytopatic effect, which is regarded by all virologists as evidence for SARS-CoV-2, is refuted.

The laboratory confirmed that this effect is not VIRUS-SPECIFIC and therefore cannot and must not be claimed as evidence of a disease-causing virus.

The central effect, the death of tissue cells in the test tube, is achieved in the same way without any infected material.”




Stefan Lanka’s papers on the virus misconception:




Sars-Cov-2 the virus does not exist outside of a fictional in-silico computer model. It has been confirmed to not exist in writing by 159 of the worlds top health officials, health authorities and agencies, virology labs and universities after freedom of information requests were sent asking for proof of the virus

They never planned on what would happen if suddenly tens of millions of people suddenly spent their time in lockdown researching virology and germ theory and figuring out that pathogenic viruses don’t even exist let alone cause illness.

Even the CDC openly admits that their PCR test does not look for and cannot detect Sars Cov 2 because they have possession of no such thing outside of a theoretical computer model.

At the exact same time, virologist Dr. Lanka’s colleagues (shown below) have been exponentially going viral around the world exposing the non existent Covid virus and the germ theory fraud. And the elite control system is panicking.


Quote Dr. Kaufman

“What’s most important here is that we are all being held hostage, we are having our rights taken away, and all of it is being done with the intent of pushing this experimental technology they call a vaccine upon us. We can see reports already of “mutating viruses”, and second and third waves. As long as we embrace this false virus paradigm that viruses are particles that cause disease from the outside, we are going to be vulnerable to the “next pandemic” and the next one after that, and the next one after that, just like all the ones that came before it that were all fake in just the same way. We have to destroy this paradigm of “viruses that cause disease” because this is the boogyman and this is what is causing the fear and panic that is allowing us to be manipulated.


The Rockefeller Medical Establishment and the Flexnor Report
(understanding the medical training and why hospitals are the new “death ovens” of the plandemic holocaust)

From “Rockefeller Medicine” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpXD6JQoBO0

The Rockefellers, The Flexner Report, The AMA, and their Effect on Alternative Nutritional (botanical) Medicine

In the 1800’s society sanctioned two approaches to healing. Patients had a choice of using doctors called allopath’s, or natural healers called homeopaths.  The two groups wages a bitter philosophical debate.
The allopathic doctors called their approach “heroic medicine”. They believed the physician must aggressively drive disease from the body. They based their practice on what they considered scientific theory.

The allopaths used three main techniques, they bled the body to drain out the bad humors. They gave huge doses of toxic minerals like mercury and lead to displace the original disease. They also used surgery, but it was a brutal procedure before anesthesia and infection control. Most patients feared allopathic treatment all together.  Satirists of the day remarked that with allopathic treatment, the patient died of the cure.

Competing with the doctors were the empiric healers or naturopaths. They believed in stimulating the bodies own defenses to heal itself. They used vegetable products and non toxic products in small quantities to heal. With naturopathic treatment, if a patient died, it was of the disease and not the cure.

The homeopathic healers were the most popular among patients. The allopathic Doctors tried to smear them by denouncing them as “quacks” and sellers of “snake oil”. It was economic competition from the naturopathic doctors that caused the allopathic doctors to form the American Medical Assosication (AMA). It was a small organization without political clout and remained this way until the turn of the century. Then new medical treatments emerged that were potentially very profitable.  The AMA joined with strong financial forces to transform medicine into an industry.  The fortunes of Carnegie, Morgan and Rockefeller Financed surgery, radiation, and synthetic drugs.   They were to become the economic foundations of the new medical economy. Ironically, Rockefeller himself would only see a homeopathic healer himself while investing his money in allopathic medicine.

Surgery became viable with anesthesia and infection control. And doctors advocated for radical expensive operations. These in turn produced the need for a large lucrative hospital system. Radium for ex rays was also discovered, and another costly technological industry entered the hospital system. A drug industry grew out of the booming patent medicine business.


The doctors changed educational standards and licensing requirements to exclude the naturopathic healers knowledge. They did this through the Flexnor report which was published in 1910. Soon, only AMA licensed doctors could legally practice medicine. All naturopathic doctors were put out of business. All the knowledge of natural healing was banned from being taught in medical schools. Within only 20 years, the AMA began to dominate medical practice. They started making a list of homeopathic doctors to slander and smear, which quickly grew to 300,000 names.  The Fitzgerald report to congress named at least a dozen other treatments to heal cancer put forward by naturopath doctors They were all blocked by organized medicine, panels of surgeons and radiation therapists.


Dr. Peterson Pierre from the American Frontline doctors

COVID Hospital Protocols. Paid to murder.
-The CARES Act is providing bonus payments to Hospitals when you have a diagnosis of COVID.
Center for Medicare and Medicaid service is waiving patient rights.

Hospitals get a bonus payment:
When they give you a free Covid test
Another when you have positive Covid test result.
Another when they admit you into the hospital with a Covid diagnosis
Another when they put you on remdesivir
Another when they put you on a ventilator
Another if your death certificate states you died of Covid
Another bonus payment to Coroners who take care of the body.

Up to $100,000 per patient!!

The Nanotechnology Network injected into the Human Body


This diagram shows all the components that are introduced with each inoculation.


Intra-body nano-network – Brief summary by Mik Andersen.pdf

La Quinta Columna has shared a summary of the intra-body nano-network that forms after each inoculation the population receives. The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr. Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.


Nano Routers have been found which emit MAC addresses on Bluetooth devices

Nano antennas and plasmonic antennas have been found which amplify signals

Nano rectennas were found which act as rectifier bridges of alternating and direct current

Codecs have been found which are devices capable of performing transformations on a data stream or signal.

Logic gates have been found which are small digital electronic devices that compute binary functions like “and”, “or” ,“not” ,“true”, “false” ,“less than” ,“greater than” , etc. Used for the encryption of these network communications from vaccinated individuals to a remote network server.


Patents for remote external network server technology have been covered in great detail in the film: “Once were the Living” https://www.bitchute.com/video/KO495u7J749A/

These are the patents that describe how they will hook up human beings to the internet of things using the 5G network. (now we know that they need the Covid vaccines to do it!)

Routing policies for biological hosts (At&T) US10163055B2
Devices and Methods for Tranferring Data through a Human Body (AT&T) No. 20130142363
Cryptocurrency system Using Body Activity Data (Microsoft) W02020060606

La Quinta Columna Microchips Images

Microtechnology in the Pfizer Vaccine – La Quinta Columna Scientists’ New Findings (3 videos)

Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna discusses what they found in the Pfizer Vaccines, its CIRCUITRY AND MICROTECHNOLOGY. When the hydrogel in the vaccine dries it forms these images under the microscope. The edges form perfect squares, and it appears to have circuitry much like a circuit board.  In several of the formations they have the same central square chip that looks like a CPU (central processing Unit). In these reports and videos the formations are shown to self assemble when stimulated with EMF.

You can download the NEW REPORT from La Quinta Columna “Identification of possible microtechnology and artificial patterns in Pfizer vaccine with optical microscopy”
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kgt4bjt0eyhxlu/IDENTIFICACI%C3%93N%20DE%20MICROTECNOLOG%C3%8DA%20Y%20PATRONES%20ARTIFICIALES%20EN%20VACUNA%20PFIZER.pdf?dl=0  From their website: https://www.laquintacolumna.net/


Since the initial discovery by La Quinta Columna, other teams of scientists from around the world have been replicating the work and finding the same things in the shots.

BOMBSHELL: German Doctors Find ‘Astonishing’ Impurities in Covid ‘Vaccine’ (Video)

Secondary confirmation of this same technology has been found in the Pfizer vaccines from German Doctor Ute Langer in her testimony to the Coronoa committee.

Dr. Langer shows a mechanically constructed object in the Pfizer vaccine sample found under dark field microscopy on a slide. The fluid on the slide is not moving the machine is moving itself within the fluid.

She found another microchip structure in the Pfizer vaccine and points out that others have been finding the exact same structures in other vaccine vials, specifically Dr. Barbel Gitala  found these same structures in a J&J vial.

Watch the exclusive translated clip here:
German Doctors find ‘Astonishing’ Impurities in Covid Vaccine


What the average person may not know is that the research required to find these substances in the Covid injections is not easy and involves great risk.  Scientists have been threatened and censored in order to bring you these images.

The following are the most recent findings by a team in New Zealand showing nanotechnology in the Pfizer shots. It is to date the most alarming photos we have seen.  Within 24 hours the website and videos have been censored off the internet. Luckily an archive was created before they took it down.


Undeclared Nanotech in the Pfizer Shots? New Zealand Scientists Have also found it…


also on Rumble https://rumble.com/vtlt4q-undeclared-nanotech-in-the-pfizer-shots-new-zealand-scientists-have-also-fo.html

Nanotech found in Pfizer jab by New Zealand lab.
Sue Grey Co-leader of Outdoors and Freedom Party and Dr Matt Shelton report findings to Parliament’s Health Select Committee

Article: Nanotech in the shots?

The site was archived here because it was taken down:

Shapes and objects were found in the Pfizer shots, after exposure to heat and time and EMF, these shapes SELF ASSEMBLED into microchip circuit boards.


What the average person may not know is that the research required to find these substances in the Covid injections is not easy and involves great risk.  Scientists have been threatened and censored in order to bring you these images.

The following are the most recent findings by a team of scientists in New Zealand showing nanotechnology in the Pfizer shots. It is to date the most alarming photos we have seen.  Within 24 hours the website and videos have been censored off the internet. Luckily an archive was created before they took it down.


Dr. Zandre Botha from South Africa

Dr. Zandre took one drop of  a vaccine and looked at it through dark field microscope lense view and what was discovered is these perfectly symmetrical disc like structures that self assemble through some form of grid-tie connectors. They appear to be engineered. Later on when asked about what this is (if it supports the findings of La Quinta Columna) Dr. Ricardo Delgato confirmed that yes, what this is and what they also saw was what scientific papers called microbubbles of graphene.

Ep 70: Injection Ingredients Dissected with Dr. Robert Young | The Courtenay Turner Podcast

1/13/2022 The Stew Peters Show: Stew Peters Ft. Marjorie Holsten, Greg Pierson, Dr. Ricardo Delgado, Carlos Cortez Jr.
Notes on this show: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/01/exclusive-la-quinta-columna-1-on-1-spanish-researcher-first-to-reveal-graphene-oxide/

Bluetooth Positive


La Quinta columna scientists have found Nano-routers in the vaccine that emit MAC addresses that can be registered with Bluetooth wireless technology just by using a mobile phone and an app.


A French research team stopped random volunteers in a park. Seperated them into groups of vaccinated and non vaccinated. They were then tested with their laptops Bluetooth and the vaccinated were registering an unnamed mac address as each were called near from the field.



Bluetooth Challenge Videos
Normally Bluetooth devices have a name on them. But now when you go into a crowded room full of vaccinated people all of these anonymous Bluetooth addresses show up on your phone. Bluetooth challenge videos are popping up everywhere.

If you are interested in other ‘Bluetooth Challenge’ videos where COVID Vaccinated people are each registering with their own Mac Codes, check these out:

– https://www.bitchute.com/video/ckVnUH0J53bk/
– https://www.bitchute.com/video/zZyNCMKZol3F/
– https://www.bitchute.com/video/vcA3uW0XuyNI/
– https://www.bitchute.com/video/w0mf8vu6gUjU/
– https://www.bitchute.com/video/TZG23ll8HsJw/
– https://www.bitchute.com/video/yCxOTGxJQ6Sk/





HENRY MAKOW: “The Jabbed Are Connected To Bluetooth Through Their Personal ‘666 Mark Of The Beast’ Microchip ‘Certificate Of Vaccination ID’ (COVID) Barcode”



Gene Editing and DNA collection
Hydra Vulgaris

Dr. Carrie Madej found the Hydra Vulgaris organism in the vaccine vials and exposed this on Stew Peters. Then later Dr. Franc Zalewski also identified the Hydra Vulgaris in the vaccines. However, he did a chemical analysis of the Hydra Vulgaris that revealed that the organism is composed of Aluminum, Carbon, and Bromium. Which means that the Hydra’s are being genetically modified before they’re injected into humans. It was also found that dormant Hyda egg’s contained in the vaccine become active, grow and multiply when exposed to graphite tape and heat.

Why are genetically modified Hydra’s being injected into humans in the vaccines?

Dr. Ariyana Love from Finland

Hydra’s are used in cross-species genomics. They’re being genetically modified in a lab at the University of Kiev to produce transgenic clonal Hydra lines. Since 2006, thousands of embryos have been microinjected and nearly 200 transgenic lines have been established in the Hydra Transgenic Facility.

Morphogenesis and stem-cell control using the Hydras were developed to learn the neurobiological functions of humans and for in vivo tracing of cells. Transgenic Hydra allows in vivo tracking of individual stem cells during morphogenesis (tissue and cell growth).

Transgenic Hydra lines are generated by embryo microinjection with plasmid DNA from self-replicating DNA found in bacteria. This is a permanent transmissible change of genetic material (DNA) resulting in the decreased production of a protein. The merging of the two species is a “cloning” process called transfection. A new generation of transgenic Hydra polyps continues reproducing the chimeric genetic expression in their offspring.

These GMO Hydra polyps are now genetically coded vectors, carrying a variety of programmed synthetic genomic sequences and mRNA (messenger RNA) for the purpose of transfecting humans. Once inside the human body, these transgenic Hydra polyps serve to rewire and control the ancestral circuitry of human beings.


Everything I’m writing here is based on evidence from open-source, peer-reviewed literature of scientific breakthroughs and technological developments that extend through the past decades and are linked in this article.

The Hydra Vulgaris has the ability to self assemble and clone itself. It has been used in trangenesis technology for the last 30 years  to transfer genes and organisms from one species to another.  This DNA hydridization began in 1980 with Nadrian C. Seeman. Hydra’s are used for gene silencing (turning off certain genes) in humans, then other nanotech in the shots can code artificial gene sequences into the human body. The human genome project began in the year 2000 and uses transgenic Hydra’s, parasites, DNA coated lipid-nanoparticles containing drugs and chemicals as part of an “operating system” which is bypassing the human immune system.

Study Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Gain of Function studies using transgenic Hydra were funded by Fauci and the NIH and developed in Wuhan China.  Their scientific findings were published in 2013.

protein-to-genomic sequence alignments study



Workshop on DNA Nanotechnology

Covid testing firm ‘selling swabs carrying customers’ DNA’ to third parties

Cignpost caught selling at least 3 million DNA samples via covid test swabs to third parties.

We know from the inventor of the PCR test that these tests are not supposed to be used to diagnose any disease.

We know that when  you spin a PCR test up above 25 cycles that you will find anything you want to find. (they spin it up to 45)

We know that over 90% of PCR tests produce false positives.

The real purpose of the PCR test is to collect DNA. This DNA is used by “third parties” that are undisclosed. The DNA is then analyzed to collect data on humans, and see results of gene editing from the  CRISPR technology deployed in the injections.


Losing our Humanity

God’s order: “According to its kind” God made the beasts of the earth after their kind, and the cattle after their kind, and everything that creeps on the ground after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

DNA Hybridization= combining the DNA of two different species, or transferring DNA from one species to another which creates a new species.  Began in 1980 with Nadrian C. Seeman who started constructing self-assembling nanostructures and has been developed over the last 30 years.

Hydra Vulgaris= a fresh water organism that has been genetically modified that is being used in the vaccines to carry a variety of programmed synthetic gene sequences and messenger RNA and merge this with human DNA. This process is called transfection. It is essentially the rewiring and control of the ancestral circuitry of human beings.

These genetically modified Hydra’s have been produced in a lab at the University of Kiev. They have been modified in many different ways to produce almost 200 different “lines” of Hydra’s. Some of the Hydra genes have been merged with different toxic bacteria’s and Luciferase.  CRISPR/Cas9 technology is what they are using to re-code your DNA.


CRISPR/CAS9 is Gene editing technology. While gene editing has been happening for a long time, CRISPR made it a lot easier to do. However they did not have the ability to permanently modify the DNA and then pass it down to the offspring, and then the offspring of the offspring. The biggest problem was that they did not have the mechanics and delivery system to get the job done. But they had tons of money backed by billionaires and satanic social engineers they worked hard at it and the big break through in their CRISPR tech happened in January 2019, just before anyone heard of Coronavirus in Wuhan China.

UC San Diego Researchers First to Use CRISPR/Cas9 to Control Genetic Inheritance in Mice

Technology offers powerful new genetic tools for human disease research in rodents

Now that the CRISPR platform and delivery system was ready to go they created the pandemic propaganda. Smaller countries were paid off with IMF money to “play along” with the lockdowns and masks.


Why am I sick? “Shedding” or transmission and protecting yourself

Expect Flu like symptoms from EMF pollution and “shedding” from vaccinated individuals.

People are getting sick from:

EMF Pollution / Radiation Sickness
-more 5G radiating the public
-more satellites launched during the pandemic

“shedding” or “transmission” from the vaxxed
-studies and reports show that something is indeed being spread from vaxxed to unvaxxed.
-billions of people vaccinated with nanotech that emit a signal are adding to the radiation in the atmosphere. People are the new cell towers.

Great questions asked by Stew Peters to Dr. Ricardo Delgado


Dr. Delgado hypothesized that Covid-19 is a front, a fake. Based on your findings what is Covid-19 disease?

Graphene Oxide in the vials amplifies the signals of 5G in the body from gigahertz to terahertz so that all the microchips in the vaccines can work.

So what is the virus itself? Is there actually a virus?

It never existed, that is why no institution can show any virus at all.

We know that Vaccinated people are getting sick because of the poison that is in the vials. But how are unvaccinated people getting sick, what are they coming down with if there is no virus?

People who are vaccinated can eradiate like a blue tooth technology.  They are emitting radiation. Its not about a virus, its radiation from people or from the antennae’s.

I recently got sick. I had the set of symptoms that has been branded as Covid-19. I had a fever, a headache, the loss of taste and smell, my joints hurt and I was  fatigued.  I’m clearly unvaccinated. So what did I have?

The radiation from the 5G towers are going higher and higher every place in the world. There are many people who are measuring the radiation from towers and sending reports back into La Quinta Columna. So everyone gets the radiation but the people who are vaxxed get more sick. All the symptoms you mentioned are the ones that are in the scientific papers from radiation.


I was treated with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromyecin, and other things that we have come to discover help Covid patients to recover. Why did these things work for me if it was radiation I was exposed to?

These different things that you used, usually what they do is bring oxygen to the cell and they can make the immune system operate better. Antioxidants do the same thing.

So the natural God given immune system will fight against radiation poisoning?

Yes, as long as  you keep all the antioxidants in your body and keep your immune system strong its going to help you fight the radiation poisoning.

Where you able to identify the components in the vials that you were investigating?

We are trying to identify everything  in the vial only from Scientific papers. Right now we have been able to identify some things. Some of these items are micro-anntennae’s, encryption systems. We can say that they are microcomputers. We can also say that they are micro-routers as they show codes, MAC- CODES which is what is showing up on a Bluetooth app.



We covered shedding and transmission from the vaccinated in depth in our presentation in May 2021. We believe that the sickness that is being transmitted from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated is being transmitted on an energetic level via the morphogenic field. We showed examples of how this works in our May presentation.

Documentation that shows knowledge and intent of the vaccine manufacturers to promote the shedding of vaccination symptoms to the unvaccinated.

John Hopkins – Self Spreading Vaccines: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_archive/pubs-pdfs/2018/181009-gcbr-tech-report.pdf


Vaccines that transmit themselves might be key to ending the next pandemic

Pfizer officially admits  in their own documents that the experimental mRNA trial subjects are Super Spreaders who transmit disease to the unvaxxed. During Pfizer’s clinical trials it’s cleverly termed “occupational exposure”.  https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/05/02/the-covid-vaxxed-must-be-quarantined-expert-consensus/


This is spoken about by Karen Kingston in depth in this interview:

The patents also reveal that it was already known by Pfizer that the vaxxed would become “super spreaders” and transmit deadly pathogens to healthy individuals. https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/2021/05/02/the-covid-vaxxed-must-be-quarantined-expert-consensus/


Analysis of test sticks from surface testing in the Slovak Republic – confirmation of genocide.


There are a number of different heath protocols and treatments that you can do to prevent illness, and protect yourself.

Valerie Robitaille PhD is a Nutritionist and Herbalist who has been working with many people both vaxxed and unvaxxed to help them restore their health  in the midst of this global attack on our immune systems.

She is also Hope’s mom, and a member of our handmade orgonite team helping us to get our products shipped out to people all over the world.


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