We updated our Affiliate program on September 23 2023. Not much has changed, we just added more helpful information to our affiliate description and also created an affiliate application form as well as an interview application form for having Hope and Tivon come onto your show.   



 If you have a Youtube audience, or a blog, or an online store, or a social media following of any kind and you are interested in earning some extra money online, we have created an affiliate program that you are going to love.

You can earn money selling our quality products on your website, to your mailing lists, or on Youtube videos. We make products for EMF protection to help people that are hypersensitive to the EMF radiation that comes from Wi-Fi, cell phones, and towers. Our products are unique and handmade by us and have become very popular with over 10,000 customers all over the world. We have created a library of testimonials and scientific research to back up our products.

Our business is a real labor of love, so when we decided to set up an affiliate program, we really wanted to make sure we got it right and created something that would truly benefit all of our affiliates as much as our products benefit our customers. Be sure to read this page all the way to the end because we are going to explain some amazing features for our affiliate program that will knock your socks off!



 How our affiliate program works:

An affiliate program is when a business that has products or services offers to pay a commission to a person (an affiliate) who sends people to their site to buy those products and services. The affiliate promotes the product to their own audience through websites, youtube videos, blogs, banners etc. and the sales made through their affiliate links are fulfilled by the company offering the product to their customers.

Fill out an application to become and afffiliate. After approval we will manually create an affiliate account on our website and send you the login details. Then you will be able to generate your own affiliate links for all the products, pages and posts on our website. Use these unique affiliate links in your Youtube descriptions, on your websites, in your mailing lists. You can advertise the links in a way that is comfortable for you and your audience, or you could grab some of our graphics and scripts that are supplied by us in the creatives section of your affiliate dashboard.

When someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and purchases one of our products you earn a commission on that sale. We do the rest of the work and communicate with the customer from start to finish, make the products custom to order and ship them out with door to door tracking.

Your affiliate links are tracked with cookies for 6 months. This means if you send a customer to our site and they purchase and then they come back and purchase again (which happens often), you will earn a commission on any sales made by this customer for the next 6 months. This is a great feature as it allows you to plan out longer campaigns that can earn you passive income for years to come.

All our affiliates can login to their own dashboard where you can view your statistics, graphs, referrals, and payouts.  While most other affiliate programs make you wait up to 60 days to receive your commissions, we pay out weekly and the money is instantly in your account using PayPal.

About our products and customers, is this a good affiliate match for your audience?

We make products for EMF protection to help people that are hypersensitive to the EMF radiation that comes from wifi, cell phones, and towers. Our products are unique and handmade by us and have become very popular with over 10,000 customers all over the world. We have created a library of testimonials and scientific research to back up our products.

Our customers come from a variety of online communities.  They are people who are educated and well informed on science, current events and news, and interested in healthy lifestyles.  Their interests include: emf protection, cell phone radiation sickness, 5G dangers, Christian end times topics, politics, prepper lifestyles, and clean healthy homes.


About our company sales history

We started making and selling our products in 2017 and we’ve had over 10,000 customers we have shipped our products to all over the world. Our biggest customer demographic is USA, then Canada, then Australia and Europe. The average sale per customer is $125. The lowest sale per customer is $60 and the highest sale we’ve had per customer is $3,800. We have many repeat customers who try out one item, love it and them come back and purchase more.


25% commission

All of our retail prices on our website include worldwide shipping. Affiliate commission is 25% of the total price. As an example, we have one affiliate that has been selling our products for over 20 months now and they have made over $8,000 in commissions during this time. That’s an average of $400 a month.

Weekly Payout Using PayPal

While most affiliate programs make you wait up to 60 days to receive your commissions, we pay out weekly. The money is instantly transferred into your PayPal account on the same day each week. No more waiting. Having a Paypal account is required.

6-month affiliate cookie duration

When you send someone over to ANY page on our site through your unique affiliate ID link, this visitor gets a “cookie” that will be tracked as they are browsing through our site. If this visitor makes a purchase on any page of our site for up to six months from when you first sent them over all purchases will be tracked and you will earn a commission on all of them. This is called the “affiliate cookie duration”.

Personalized Affiliate dashboard

Some informal affiliate agreements hide your data on sales your affiliate links have made.  We know how frustrating this can be which is why we insisted on creating an affiliate program with complete transparency. All our affiliates can login to their own dashboard where you can view your statistics, graphs, referrals, and payouts. Now you can track and adjust your affiliate link promotion efforts in real time.

Promotional Graphics, Scripts Provided

Your busy creating your own content, and we get that. This is why we wanted to make it easy for you to promote our products to your audience by creating graphics, ads and even quick scripts you can read out loud in your videos. These can be found in the creatives section of your affiliate dashboard.



If you are already one of our affiliates and you enjoy working with us and you know other influencers that have audiences that would benefit from our products if they sign up to become an affiliate you will earn 5% of the RETAIL amount for all sales they generate.


affiliate program instructions and best practices:

Once your affiliate account is approved you will be sent a welcome email from our website with your login and password. Please login to your affiliate dashboard.


How to find your unique affiliate link:

Login to your Affiliate dashboard, under the “affiliate URL’s” tab you will see your unique affiliate ID link.


How to use your unique affiliate link:

Please paste the link in the description of your video, or in your emails, or your telegram etc. It is very important that you DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK in anyway. Do not use link shorteners like bitly or any other third party tracking software or scripts with this link, it may cancel out the link. Also, please make sure the link is clickable. Speaking out the link or putting it on a moving ticker on the bottom of the screen is not clickable.


How to test if your links are working:

Make sure your affiliate link is pasted on your video description or social media account post or email. Click on the link from the location you have it live to general audiences. Then login to your affiliate dashboard and under the “visits” tab you should see the visit come up immediately after you clicked on your link.



Please make the link easily accessible and free to the public. Affiliates who make the most sales with us have our links in the descriptions of videos that get a lot of views on free public platforms like Youtube, Rumble, and Bitchute. This is what drives the most traffic to our site and results in more sales for you. Please do not hide our content behind paywalls or memberships or unlisted channels or private video links. This does not drive traffic and will not result in sales.

Special note for Rumble channels: if you do not click the box that tells Rumble to add your new video to your Rumble channel, Rumble will upload your video to a ghost channel that is not searchable and very few people can see.

Build your audience, produce reqular content, use your affiliate link in all of your videos, talk about our products in your shows. The affiliates who make the most sales with us do all of these things.

Have Hope and Tivon come onto your show!We put together bodies of research on various topics that are of great interest to people. It is our presentations and our information that helps to communicate the benefits of our products to your audience. We have an introduction presentation called “EMF Basics” that we can come on to your show and present to your audience to help generate sales for you.  We are usually very busy running our business and cannot always guarantee that we can come on to every interview request we get. Also, all interviews must be scheduled well in advance, sometimes 1-2 months out. We also ask that if we are to put out the time and energy to do an interview for your audience that you make the best efforts possible to make sure that the interview is seen by a wide audience in a timely manner. Please also fill out an interview application form to request and interview with Hope and Tivon. 



Our affiliate program is link based, it is NOT coupon code based. We do not offer special discount coupon codes for our products for affiliates.  All of our discounts are located in our special offers page, so if your customers are looking for discounts please send them there. 



We have established our business model and pricing structure over trial and error for the past several years since 2017. All of our prices are carefully calculated we cannot change our price structure for your audience, please dont ask us to do this! The lowest priced item on our website is $58 this includes world wide shipping which costs us at least $35 to ship. The average order is $300 many customers spend over $1,000 and we have a lot of repeat customers. All prices are in USD.   We ask that all customers wait up to 40 days to receive their order. This has been our order fulfillment process for the last couple of years now and it does not deter customers from ordering with us, most say it is worth the wait. All orders are handmade to order and we usually have many orders in line waiting to be processed.  We cannot expedite orders in any way. We only use Fedex Express to ship our products. Shipping is included in all the prices of our products. Our company pays for the shipping, not the customer. We handle everything with shipping and processing. Our shopping cart program automatically sends out tracking numbers to customers when they are ready to go out the door.  We do our best to answer the many questions we get from customers but have a rather extensive FAQ page with loads of videos answering all these questions. We have extensive information that covers our terms and conditions when it comes to customs import taxes, all shipping, tracking, order status and our production schedule, returns and refunds, chargeback fraud and disputes, payment forms accepted, customer service emails and phone calls, custom order requests, and factory visits. Links to these pages are provided on every single page and product of on our website. They are also sent to the customer at the time of placing the order in a confirmation email. We strongly suggest that all of our affiliates read through our FAQ’s and our Terms and Conditions pages to get aquainted with our business model and practices. 


We hope that all of our affiliates will share their affiliate links to our products on all of their content on a regular basis. We check every week to see how much traffick each affiliate is sending to our site.  We also need to keep our affiliate program free from inactive accounts that slow down the payment process for all affiliates. If your affiliate account does not send any traffick to our website for 3-6 months your account may be considered inactive and deleted. 


When you created and affiliate account with us we sent you a welcome email with your login details. If you need your login details again we will have to change your password in order to give you your login details.

Your sales dashboard contains all your sales data for all time and for each week. All your traffic, where your traffic comes from, your sales conversions, what the sales are, what amount you should expect in your payout, if you were paid etc. It is all in your dashboard. We can no longer send private reporting of sales data for affiliates to your email, we have grown, we have many affiliates and we do not have the administrative support to do this anymore. Please note: a detailed level of sales data such as customer name and location and specifically what products purchased is not provided with manual sales entries. This level of detail is ONLY available for sales that are automatically tracked using our software.


As a courtesy to our affiliates, we manually add sales to your account every week based on the traffic you sent to our site.

Due to reasons completely beyond our control, sometimes affiliate sales from traffic that you sent to our website do not get registered through our platform. This is because of third party tracking software. Platforms like Rumble, Youtube, Bitly, and Telegram carry third party tracking software of their own that can sometimes cancel out our affiliate software.  Again, this is beyond our control. These companies are constantly changing their tracking software, plus people who rely on mobile phone usage, such as telegram that goes on billions of phones all over the world, each with their own carrier, this is another reason why third party tracking software gets cancelled out for sales. However, third party tracking does not cancel out visits. Please see how to check if your link is working in this section. Track your traffic. The more you send to our site, the more money you will make.



Almost all affiliate programs we’ve found make you wait up to 90 days from the time you make a sale of their products. This is to give the company time to make and ship the products and to wait for the customers return window to expire. We don’t do this. We do all the work and then go ahead and pay our affiliates weekly, and if your customer returns the product we eat the cost. One person, which is Hope, does the affiliate payout every Friday. This is a long process that takes her 9 hours to do. Please do not email, or message her throughout the week asking for sales data, or what time your payment will come through etc. She can no longer answer these questions her inbox is overloaded, and the time it takes to answer all the inquiries means everyone’s payments get delayed. Here are time guidelines:

If you use Paypal, Payments are instant and usually arrive in your account on Friday. There is no guarantee as to what time as sometimes on Fridays we have events planned we have to work around. We always strive for Friday, if not for some reason such as an event or an illness then Payout is on Saturday.   If you use any other payment form other than paypal such as a wire transfer, Payment will take several days to get to you, this is the banks timing system not ours.