FTW Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

Fix the World Morocco Orgonite Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions

Summary List: 


We are a small family run business. We run a full schedule at our factory and have several artisans on our team that make our products by hand.  When you place your order you are commissioning us to create an artisan handcraft item just for you.

We receive a very large volume of emails and only have 2 people to answer them. Most questions we get are already answered in our FAQ’s. Our team processes 100 orders a week, we ship out once a week in a batch of up to 100 orders at a time on the same day every week.

We are American Expat family that run our business out of Morocco. We are an online only export business; we do not sell locally to Morocco. We use only FedEx for international shipping. We started this business in 2017 and in 2023 we are celebrating 10,000 customers all over the world.


Worldwide shipping is included in the price of your order.

Shipment Schedule
We ship out packages once a week in a large batch of up to 100 orders at a time.
We ONLY ship using Fedex Express.

Please allow up to 40 days to receive your order.  All orders are custom made to order and made by hand. The artisan handcraft process takes time to make and package and ship. If we are not dealing with a large amount of orders we will normally get your package to you earlier than 40 days.

Expedited shipping?
We are not able to offer expedited shipping due to Morocco export laws

What is the status of my order?
Due to a large volume of order processing and a strict production schedule we cannot always answer emails asking for an “update on the status of my order”.  Please see the schedule below which will help you know the status of your order:

On the day you place your order,  you will receive a confirmation email immediately.
from 7-14 days from the day you placed your order we are in the process of making your order in the factory.
from 15-30 days from the day you placed your order we are either packaging and preparing your order to be shipped, or if there is a large quantity of orders ahead of yours, we are still in the process of making your order in the factory.
By day 30 we have packaged and sent your order to our local Fedex office for shipment to you. You will be sent an email with a tracking number when we ship your order.
By day 40 your order should be delivered to your door via Fedex.

Most of the time we are able to make and ship out orders earlier.
You will receive an email with your tracking number when we ship your order.
If you have not received a tracking number yet it is because we have not shipped out your package yet.
Please always check your spam and be sure to mark any emails coming from as NOT spam.

FTW Weekly Production and Shipping Schedule:

Every week:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday =Making orgonite, packaging and entering shipping info into Fedex Website
Friday = Sending out tracking numbers to customers
Monday or Tuesday= Fedex picks up packages and scans it into their system in Marrakech
Wednesday Thursday = Packages are processed through customs in Casablanca and leave Morocco to their destination.

PO Boxes
We cannot ship to PO boxes. If you supply us with a PO box as your address, your order may be delayed by an additional month or more as we pull your order out of the assembly line and wait for an alternative address.

Tracking Numbers
You will receive an email with your tracking number on a Friday when we have processed your order and it is in the bag ready to be brought to Fedex the following Monday. Your tracking number will be in the Fedex system by the end of the day on Monday.  AFTER MONDAY when the tracking number has been entered into the Fedex system, you will be able to track your package to your door on the following site: https://www.fedex.com/en-ma/home.html   If for some reason the Fedex site is not working you can try any alternative global tracking number website to track your package.

Address Change? Moving?
If you have an address change or you are moving please be sure to send us an email to let us know about your address change within a couple of days of placing your order. Your package will be delivered to the address you provided at the time of your order.

Lost and Stolen Packages
It is rare but sometimes a package may get lost by Fedex. If this is the case and there is no proof of delivery then we will send you a replacement package with a free gift.   If there is proof of delivery for your package and the items were lost by you or stolen from you, we are not responsible for this loss or theft. For issues like this we recommend making online purchases with a credit card that offers some form of insurance plan for lost or stolen purchases.

Customs Taxes
The customer is responsible for paying any duties or fees that their home country may charge for imports. Please be aware that our company has absolutely no control over customs. Import taxes are determined by the laws of the country that you live in and every country’s laws are different and change frequently. This is especially true after COVID and after a country changes governments or leaders. Please know the current customs laws of your country.  Our company pays the shipping fee for all your packages. If you are required to pay a fee to receive your package, this is a customs tax and you will be responsible for paying it in order to have your package released to you.  For our customers convenience we put a value on our packages that is lower than the retail price because the shipping amount that is included in the retail price is not considered part of the value for customs taxing purposes.


We use Paypal as our merchant service to process credit cards. You can pay with Paypal or you can pay with a credit card, which will be processed by Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase with us. If you are having trouble with the shopping cart we can send you an invoice to pay online with your credit card. The invoice will be coming from Paypal, there is an option on the invoice to pay with your credit card. You do not need to create a Paypal account to pay this invoice.

We cannot accept orders over the phone.
We cannot accept checks.
We do not accept alternative forms of payment such as cryptocurrencies.

At this time we do not have any other merchant service, we are looking for one that will meet our needs, when we have one we will update this page.

We can accept wire transfers for orders over $1,000 USD please contact us for more information on this.

If for any reason your order arrives to you damaged or missing items please contact us immediately and we will send out a replacement and a free gift to you right away.

You have 30 days to return an item from the time you receive it. To return your purchase please ship to this address:

Fix the World Project Maroc
Barid Pro Gueliz
Marrakech 40000

You must email us with your tracking number for the return shipment. Once the item is delivered to us we will issue you a refund. There is a $39 restocking fee on all returns.
Why is there a restocking fee? Your order was a custom made work of art made by hand. We invested a lot of money, time and energy in order to make this item just for you and ship it to you internationally using Federal Express. We we will not be able to resell it as all items are made to order for each customer brand new.

Customer is responsible for payment of return shipment we do not supply pre-paid return labels. Different shippers will charge different amounts based on what country you are shipping from. It is ok to ship the return from a shipper of your choosing as long as we are provided with a tracking number that we can track on any third party shipment tracking system.

All refusals to accept delivery of your package which includes refusing to pay import taxes to accept your package will result in exponential charges to our company for return processing. This is due to Fedex and Country Tax laws that we have no control over. A fee of up to $125 will be charged to the customer deducted from their refund in these cases. Please do all you can to ensure that you do not refuse delivery.

Please contact us first in regards to any issues with your order so that we can best assist you with a quick resolution. Should you choose to not contact us and involve a third party by disputing the charge on your card, your transaction and any associated refunds or communication with us will be placed on hold for 90 days. This is the amount of time required by banking institutions to process disputes and all communication must go through the third party. If you wish to resume a quick resolution process with us, please contact your bank and cancel the dispute.



Most of the questions we get have already been answered in our FAQ’s. Please read the FAQ’s before contacting us as we may not always be able to respond to you due to our production schedule.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for us to answer your email. Only two people (Hope and Tivon) answer emails and we get a very large volume of emails on a daily basis. To help prioritize your email to us, please write a specific topic in the subject line.
Our shopping cart program sends out emails to our customers automatically when an order is received, confirmed, shipped, etc.  If you are not receiving these emails please check your spam.

Phone Calls
Due to time differences and high volume order processing we cannot schedule call backs. We do not have a call center or customer service agents. We request that all correspondence be through email. 


We receive many requests from people who are visiting Morocco who want to come visit our factory or have us meet them and deliver our products to them somewhere locally. We cannot do this.

We are an online only export business. We sell and ship to countries all over the world, we do not sell and cannot ship or deliver to Morocco.  We do not have a store front to sell our products and our factory is not open to the public for visits.  We also have a very full schedule running our business so it is not possible to take the time out of our work day to meet someone locally.

All items are made as described on our website. Each item has its own production line specific to its shape, color and ingredients. We cannot alternate the way an item is made. (example: change the colors, change shapes, drill extra holes, use different ingredients etc)

All items are sold in the quantity and sets as they are described on our website.  If you wish to customize the sets in any way (change what items are sold together or order just one of something instead of two for example) the minimum order size for this type of quantity customization is $500. Please contact us for a quantity customization invoice.






Please also be sure to check out our FAQ’s page as we have just updated it with a lot more information on frequently asked questions!