About Us

Fix the World Project Maroc S.A.R.L. specializes in handmade home decor products for EMF protection as well as online alternative energy technology education. We are American engineers living and working in Morocco.

Meet the Team

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About our products

Our products are all handmade by us in our workshop in Morocco. These devices are a composite of shungite, steel, iron oxide and brass powders all encased in an epoxy resin. When the resin cures it creates a piezoelectric effect that emits a field of healthy life preserving energy called orgone.  This energy field was discovered and studied by late scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich and there are fascinating studies around orgone energy that we’ve included in our research documentation section.  When used in your environment, these devices transform the harmful energy given off by electromagnetic frequencies or EMF’s that come from 5G, your cell phones, Wi-Fi, and electronic devices, into healthy life preserving energy.

Many people have become sensitive to EMF’s which can cause a number of health issues. Using our products in your environment can protect you from EMF toxicity and help to restore a harmonious environment that aids in better health and well-being.  The results vary from better sleep, pain relief, better growth in plants, food preservation, better mental clarity and an overall calming effect. 

Please see the following video for more information about how our products work and how they are made.

More Information about our products

For More information on how to use our products, how to test and measure our products, FAQ’s, or back up research and scientific studies around our products please visit the following pages:

How to Use Test and Measure Orgonite

Scientific Studies Behind Orgone Energy

Our Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve put together this short video to explain what happens after you place an order with us, from production to door to door tracking and customer service. 

About our Energy Technology Education

We also run an online engineering website called the Clean Energy Academy.   This website is the only platform of its kind in the controversial industry of alternative energy inventions. The Clean Energy Academy is the official home to the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) and the MINI QEG. This is a members community that allows for safe sharing and communication of innovative ideas in a troll free environment.  The Academy holds a tremendous amount of in-depth technical information, reports, schematics and engineering data based around the co-development of opensource alternative energy devices.  Membership includes access to our library of valuable resources and QEG build plans, invites to our live calls held twice a month, and a wide arrangement of value added bonuses.  Learn more about the QEG project and the QEG team by visiting our “About Page” or watching our Documentary movie “Chasing Tesla”. Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page as well for the answers to the most common questions we get.  If you would like to join our growing community of energy device builders and enthusiasts you can do so at our other website: www.cleanenergyacademy.com

About our media platforms – “hopegirl blog”

The HopeGirl Blog is our major media outlet where we post all of the latest info and articles about our products, projects, news and more. You can visit the blog at the link below, be sure to sign up to have the latest blog posts delivered right to your inbox!