By now you may have heard that there was a 7.2 earthquake where we live in Marrakech Morocco. It happened on Friday September 8th at 11:30 at night for us. So many people have been reaching out to us to ask if we are ok so we just wanted to provide an update to everyone.

We are ok, our house is ok along with our family our staff and our pets. Our business has not been affected and we will be able to proceed with filling orders as normal. Truly our house was guarded by angels during what was one of the scariest things we’ve ever experienced.

Our home, and factory is located to the south east of Marrakech.  The epicenter of the earthquake was up in the mountains in the south west between Marrakech and Agadir.  The city of Marrakech is battered and there is some damage, but 95% of the city is up and running. Life has returned and it’s not a disaster zone. We went out yesterday to check and were relieved that it appeared from our drive around that many restaurants and shops were still open with customers.

The biggest hit areas are the remote villages up in the atlas mountains near the epicenter. Many of the houses were old, made out of mud and rocks and built on cliffs.  Some of the villages were completely collapsed, the entire village disappeared and there are still victims buried under the rubble.

Many people are asking us if they can help in any way. First and foremost, we truly appreciate the prayers going up for us, our business and most importantly the people of Morocco. This tragedy is going to have long term effects as most businesses here rely on tourism. There are many people here in our community who are organizing local gatherings of food water and supplies to bring to the remote villages and we have been contributing to local sources that we know will bring the supplies directly to the people.

For the first 24 hours or so we were without electricity or water so it was difficult to respond to the many emails, phone calls and messages we have been getting from people all over the world asking if we were ok.  We are truly overwhelmed with emotion seeing how many people thought of us when the news of this earthquake went out around the world.  We didn’t realize just how much of an impact we had on so many people.  Thank you so much again we made a recording here on Rumble with pictures if you would like to hear more.

We’ve received many requests for an update on how we are doing here in the earthquake zone. I also wanted to provide an analysis of what happened here for those people who are not in Morocco. We’ve been hearing a lot theories about energy weapons, and colors, etc and I wanted to provide some facts that will help inform others.   Watch here on Rumble:

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