Quantum Chemical Warfare Hope and Tivon on SGT Report

In this presentation we are attempting to explain the mechanics of the Beast System, and how through recent COVID agenda tactics and now chemical warfare, their plans of implementing a 4th industrial revolution with mass migration, transhumanism and depopulation are underway. To understand what makes the “internet of things” operate, we must first understand its quantum underpinnings. The technology being used today is much more advanced than they disclose. The goal of this presentation (and all of our others) is to equip you with knowledge and understanding of how the weapons that are being used against you work.  Hopefully this will help you to better protect yourself and your families for the days that are ahead.  This presentation has been shadowbanned on Rumble. We can only conclude it is because of the nature of the content we covered.

SGT March 6 2023 presentation


-Defining Quantum Entanglement
-Explaining Quantum Communication
-Quantum Communication tests done by Chinese University-Bombshell, most governments could be using this network right now
-Defining Supercomputers- what data is being aggregated?
-Cesium Atomic Clocks
-Graphene Oxide in the shots works quantumly to control 5G
-Update on White Fibrous Clots investigation
-surveillance updates facial recognition and more
-Chemical Warfare List of Chemical Crisis since the beginning of the year in the US
-Description of the chemicals used in WWI -East Palestine Ohio
-The dangers of Dioxin Articles
-The 3 narratives: Fukushima replay and how you know this is a coverup
-FTW Cattle Farmer Project


Network Timing and Atomic Clocks – Essential for any IoT Network

(‘Network Time Protocol and Network Timing Glossary’ – timetoolsltd.com)



  • Atomic clocks are the most accurate timekeeping device available, and measures time by the oscillation frequency of energized atoms either by RF or optical pumping (i.e. lasers).
  • The first atomic clock that used Cesium atoms was designed by Louis Essen in 1955, and built at the National Physics Laboratory in the UK.
  • Evolutions of the Cesium-based atomic clock with improved accuracy has made it the universal global standard for timekeeping. NIST-F1
  • Coordinated Universal Time, (UTC), is the primary standard adopted throughout the world to regulate time reference by highly accurate atomic clocks.
  • NTP, is the abbreviation for Network Time Protocol, which is a standard used for synchronizing the computer network equipment (IoT) to an accurate time source (remote GPS, NIST, or UTC Time Server). Note: GPS is favored option
  • Global Positioning System – GPS, consists of 24 satellites which orbit the Earth. It was originally developed by the US military to provide accurate global positioning information for navigational purposes. Each satellite has on-board a highly accurate atomic clock & ground-based GPS receivers can obtain the precise time information GPS offers for synchronization of devices’ internal time. The GPS signal is available anywhere in the world and is universal. NTP time servers reference the GPS system! Are the new satellites using Cesium Atomic Clocks or something else?


NIST’s Second ‘Quantum Logic Clock’ Based on Aluminum Ion is Now World’s Most Precise Clockhttps://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2010/02/nists-second-quantum-logic-clock-based-aluminum-ion-now-worlds-most-precise

  • 2010 NIST scientist built an experimental atomic clock based on a single aluminum atom that is now the world’s most precise clock, more than twice as precise as the atomic Mercury clock. It neither gain nor lose one second in about 3.7 billion years!
  • By comparison the Cesium F1 clock neither gain nor lose one second in about 100 million years!
  • “Other possible applications may include ultra-precise autonomous navigation, such as landing planes by GPS.”

Summary: More accurate, higher frequency atomic clocks allow for higher bandwidths across the global network to be achieved. When combined with quantum logic, it is possible to affect one device (or many) simultaneously through remote platforms that rely on high precision communication. We are witnessing a revolution in the GPS infrastructure.


Network Synchronization problems for 5G

(‘5G Potential Is All in the Timing’ – LightReading.com)


  • Carrier in North America rely on GPS to tell their cell sites what time it is. This method worked for 4G LTE, but not for 5G due to tighter requirements.
  • Getting out of sync with the larger network could cause the site to go down (offline)
  • Traditionally, cell sites needed to be on synchronized clocks to avoid interference among signals on the same frequency (4G). This would be too expensive to deploy on a 5G network in an urban environment.
  • One solution is to have redundancy built into current infrastructure by installing GPS distributed timing modules at the edge (the cell site), new built distributed 5G central offices that are closely tied to the core network, and border/boundary clocks within the network.


Timing is also getting resolved by having new satellite clusters deliver wireless internet directly to the your current mobile phone

(‘Satellite Cell Towers Will Beam 4G to Your Phone’ – successdigestonline.com), 2020


  • “The hard part is the uplink from the phone,” says Charles Miller, cofounder and CEO of Lynk, a satellite communications company based in Virginia. “You can’t change the phone to add more power. It needs to  work out of pocket.”
  • The signal from ground device to satellite used to be too weak until Lynk started testing core technology on 2G network from ISS to mobile devices on the ground in 2019 in remote locations. The solution involves the used of a special antenna configuration that company will not publicly disclose.
  • April 1st 2022, Lynk launched ‘world’s first commercial cell-tower-in-space’ lynk.world
  • Lynk has plans for 5,000 micro-satellites in very low Earth orbit (LEO)

What about the non-commercial cell-towers-in-space?

If such infrastructure can locate and communicate with your phone anytime, anywhere then potentially it can target you for death and destruction anytime, anywhere.


Quantum Communication


(‘DOE Explains…Quantum Networks’ – energy.gov)


  • The quantum internet uses single photons to carry information. There are various methods that take advantage of the subatomic properties of light to create secure near-instant communication
  • Quantum networks use the quantum properties of photons to encode information. For example photons (light) polarized in one orientation may pass through an optical filter oriented in the same direction, verses light polarized in an inverted direction will not pass. This property can used to pass a 1 or a 0, the foundation of logic.
  • These protocols of quantum communication also have a property called superposition, where the information the photon carries is portrayed in several states simultaneously. If a hacker tries to intercept the photon, the information state collapses to only a single value, thus destroying the information and indication the communication line (fiber optic cable) has been breached. A properly designed and operated quantum network derives inherent security from this behavior.
  • Quantum network repeaters are being developed that are able to use entanglement of photons in the network to amplify and reach the distant recipient.


 What is Quantum Entanglement?

Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon that occurs when a group of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance. The topic of quantum entanglement is at the heart of the disparity between classical and quantum physics: entanglement is a primary feature of quantum mechanics not present in classical mechanics. – wikipedia


Modern Supercomputers

A super computer is a computer that has been constructed to do an insane amount of calculations much faster than the consumer desktop. The supercomputers of today would basically be a form of quantum computer, only operated by governments and contractors and banks. There are several types of quantum computers currently in operation: One are cryogenic super-cooled quantum computers (D-Wave). There are ion confinement atomic clocks that take the charged ions (i.e. Aluminum and Manganese) and use this atoms as a means of calculating time and qubit logic. This is attractive design as similar versions of ion confinement can be done at room temperature room temperature. The science has been around for a long time.

There is another type of quantum computer that is light based. The circuit boards themselves use light diffraction. To do this they need to create optical photon circuit-boards.


A third kind of computer is DNA based computing, where they use the DNA strand itself to perform computer logic operations, 2009!

This is the kind of hardware that you need to run this kind of infrastructure. This technology is around right now and is being used. The question is to what degree is it being used? We know from human history that work on these things can take decades before the general public becomes aware.

Our physical bodies require DNA instructions to survive.  DNA computing can turn it into electric analog signals. Once you get to this point you have your infrastructure that can take this biological information, and turning the analog signal into a digital signal to be

Fibrous White Blood Clot Investigation:

Special Report: Nanotech in Covid Jabs, PCR, Masks Activated By EMF – Matt Taylor

Fibrous Clots and Technology Are The Connected? Special Report with Hope and Tivon and Dr. Jane Ruby

Mike Adams Interviews Hope and Tivon of FIX THE WORLD EMF Protection and Vax Clots


LInks for Studies showing Graphene Oxide and Cesium Found in the Vaccines and Chemtrails From Lisa MGee of www.vaxxchoice.com

Graphene oxide
Graphene oxide in vaccines, blood abnormalities, lipid nanoparticles: Jean-Marc Sabatier’s analysis




Chemical Spills on American Soil Since the beginning of the year

Chemical Fire Illinois Jan 12

Train Derail Acid Spill Jan 28

Ohio Train Derail Chernobyl Level Chemical Spill February 2

Ohio Building Fire Acid Leak February 3
California Fuel Pipeline Leak February 11

Florida Waste Plant fire February 11

Texas Hazmat Train Crash February 13

South Carolina Hazmat Train Crash February 13

Arizona Nitric Acid spill February 14

Oklahoma Chemical Tank Fire February 15

Raging Plastic Pots Warehouse Fire in Florida February 16

Hazardous materials Train derailment in Michigan February 16th

Hazardous materials Chemical Fire in Massachusetts February 16th

Nebraska coal train derailment February 21

Uranium Fire in Tennessee February 22

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