How To Use Orgonite Charge Plates to Treat Water (video)

How To Use Orgonite Charge Plates to Treat Water (video)

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Orgonite Blog

Orgonite charge plates can be used to treat your water for a healthier hydrating experience. The vortex created by the orgone energy field in the water helps to structure the water. This field can be seen when conducting the “ice test”.

Structured water is a molecular arrangement of water molecules that are organized in hexagonal structures. These hexagonal structures love to attach to hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces (impurities in the water, living cellular walls, etc.). The majority of water in your body is structured and drinking structured water energizes you. It is like recharging a battery.

We cover this topic in this video.


The best way to use orgonite charge plates to structure your water is to place the plate underneath a vessel that holds water. This can be a water bottle, a glass, a pitcher or even a water tank. The field will permeate through the vessel and structure the water inside of it. It takes roughly about 45 minutes to do a good enough job, but you can always leave the water on there longer.

Two ways to test the structuring of the water is to conduct an “ice test” where you freeze the water on top of the orgonite plate in the freezer. This will show you the vortex frozen in the center of the ice. Another way to test the structuring of the water is to taste it! Structured water tastes cleaner. We recommend starting off with distilled water in a glass container or pitcher, and structuring it over orgonite charge plates overnight for the best effect.


Here is how orgone transforms energy.

Some people might think that orgone blocks energy but its actually a lot more complex than that. What orgone energy does is it takes energy that is harmful and it transforms it into energy that is beneficial. So it cleans its up, kind of like a sewage treatment system can clean up or transform waste. Harmful wireless fields from; cell towers, smart meters, smartphones, internet router and your television make the environment around you toxic and harmful to human health and well being. Orgone energy devices placed around your environment cleans up the toxicity and helps to restore a healthy life supporting environment. This effect can be measured in various ways such as:


Preserving blood samples for longer periods of time

Preserving fruits and vegetable and foods for longer period of time

Better seed germination results in plants

Bigger yields in plants

Providing pain relief 

Aiding in better sleep and relaxation

Seeing the energy field in frozen water

And more


Orgone energy devices are made mixing a blend of; iron oxide, steel, brass, shungite and crystal powders into epoxy resin. When the epoxy cures into a solid plastic state it puts pressure on the surface area of the powders. This causes something known as the piezoelectric effect which emits a harmonizing field generated by the different specific properties of the ingredients. It is this field that transforms the harmful energy from EMF’s into healthy live preserving energy.


If you would like you can check out some of the scientific studies that have been done showing the amazing effects of orgone energy. We’ve put together several videos that you can view here on our website:




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