What about this Debunking Video? Convincing Skeptics.

We have put a lot of time and energy into creating videos that answer these questions as well as scientific studies and evidence.  I will paste the info and links  below. 

What are your thoughts on this “debunking” video?

As is the case with almost any solutionary product that goes against the status quo, there are propaganda campaigns that try to “debunk” any kind of alternatives. This is also the case with the kinds of products that we make and sell. Personally, we started making these products because of our own sensitivity to EMF’s. They work for us and we’ve used them for years. We let our friends and family try them and they work for them too. We have over 10,000 customers all over the world who have purchased our products who say they have helped them to stop suffering from the effects of EMF’s.   So to us, this is the best proof we could ask for.   But to add to this, we’ve put together some research from scientific studies as well as government websites to show the evidence and reasoning behind our products. You can see this Here https://www.ftwproject.com/orgone-energy-scientific-research-and-documentation/

Nevertheless, we thought we would take this opportunity to respond to any “debunking” videos. There are a handful of them out there on the internet, and we are pretty sure we’ve seen every one of them as they have all been sent to us several times over.

If it’s the videos where they are trying to measure EMF’s on a meter and say this proves it “doesn’t work”.  Please read our section where we explain “How to measure the effects of orgone”. This will help you to understand how to properly measure effects. The people that made these videos do not know how to measure the effects and they are using the wrong measuring methods.

If it’s a video showing a radioactive pendant from Amazon:  please know that this is a bogus product coming from some factory in China. We do not sell any products like this! All of our pieces are handmade by husband and wife team Tivon and Naima in our workshop in Morocco. We only use natural ingredients that we obtain ourselves from trusted sources.

If it’s a video stating that epoxy is toxic please see our FAQ “Is Epoxy toxic” which explains what epoxy is (no its not toxic) and also explains why we do not use hemp or beeswax in our products.

If it’s a video claiming that orgonite can possess some sort of spiritual powers please see our FAQ section “Is your product an occult object or does it hold psychic powers?”  We do not support any claims that this product holds such spiritual or psychic powers. We prefer to stick to the scientific observation of the effects of orgone energy as evidenced in the research studies done and outlined on these pages https://www.ftwproject.com/orgone-energy-scientific-research-and-documentation.

Our FAQ’s page can be found here:


Our Youtube channel where we have made many videos that answer many of the questions that we get can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/@SHUNGITEORGONITEEMFPROTECTION/videos

Hope that you find that helpful.

If this still isn’t enough to convince you, you can always return the products to us following our return policy which can be found here:



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