THIS SATURDAY JUNE 10TH! FTW EMF Protection Scratch and Dent Sale. Crazy Low Prices, Rare pieces, Live Sale on Instagram!

We have gathered all of our products that have very small aesthetic defects in them (perhaps a scratch or a dent) or rare one-offs we created in different colors not normally available on our website, and put them together in a scratch and dent sale! These products with small defects are just as powerful when it comes to the EMF protection. This live sale on Instagram will feature batches of these products at very low prices. (1/4 – 1/2 of the price sold for on our website)  We are selling them in batches of different prices: $60, $90, $150 USD. Here are some examples of the products we will have at the sale:

This is your opportunity to stock up on our valuable EMF protection products to help you and your friends and family stay healthy in these uncertain times where the radiation from cell phones, 5G and other forms of microwaves are getting more and more intense.

This auction will be run live on Instagram THIS SATURDAY JUNE 10TH AT 6PM EST

This is the Instagram account you should follow to join the live call sale at the following link:

When the auction goes live, we will show the different batches of scratch and dent EMF protection orgonite products we have to purchase.  To purchase them please use the live chat in the call and say who you are and what batch number you wish to buy. You will be directed to pay via a link tree link in the bio that uses Venmo, cashapp or Paypal payment options. Please make payment immediately.
Once paid please send a screen shot of your PROOF OF PAYMENT + FULL NAME AND CORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS INCLUDING ZIP CODE.  We will then send you USPS tracking that you can track through the app or usps website!


As you know, we make everything by hand here in our workshop in Morocco and we are a family run small business. In keeping with this tradition, we have branched out to Hope’s sister Cheyenne to run our live scratch and dent sales on Instagram. Cheyenne is shipping out the batches from her home in Pennsylvania USA. Payment will also go through Cheyennes Business account. Cheyenne has been selling successfully in the thrift clothing category on Instagram for several years now.

Here is a video between Hope and Cheyenne discussing this new scratch and dent sale venture for our EMF protection products for a little more information.  We hope to see you on the live sale call!


If you would like to get notified of this live call when it goes live or make sure you are there for the next live call we do please sign up to the mailing list here:

Each product is handmade to order  
We ask that you please 30-40 days for delivery.