Canary Cry Radio with Hope and Tivon Presents Technology of the Fallen

Seed War, Transhumanism, WBAN, AI, C40 Killbox Cities

We’re all living through the rapid ascension towards a technological singularity. Our thesis around here for over a decade in the Canarium, has been that such developments are biblical in the eschatological sense. This increase in knowledge (Daniel 12:4) that gave access to a medium that helps us accomplish anything we can imagine (Genesis 11:6), is a spiritual phenomenon with the only historical comparisons being ancient mythologies filled with powerful entities from other realms, enhanced god-kings, strange creatures, and supernatural artifacts. What the Bible tells us as part of the undergirding narrative that begins in Genesis and is resolved in Revelation, is that a corruption to His design in everything from within creation, including, and perhaps most importantly, the flesh, are what ultimately initiates kinetic judgment.

Our guests today are Hope and Tivon. Hope is the Co-Founder and Lead Project Manager of “Fix the World Project.” She is an MBA and an Entrepreneur with 10+ years experience working in small business, corporate, and government finance. She left the corporate world in 2012, and in 2014, her family designed an alternative energy generator prototype called the QEG. She traveled around the world building QEG’s and growing her online business and even met her husband Tivon Rivers in the process who has a background in engineering! They are both American ex-pats that live and work together in Morocco working on making EMF protection products.

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Canary Cry Radio 176 – 04.06.2024

Declaring Jesus as Lord amidst the Fifth Generation War!

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