Orgone Sleeping Pod

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Finally, a medication-less sleeping solution for the working professional!

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Dimensions (D x H): 92mm x 20mm

Our portable Orgone Sleeping Pod is a handmade passive harmonizer will help you get a good night sleep. When you place the tranquil-blue puck on your body, under your pillow or next to you in bed, it creates a shield of protection against the harmful effects of EMF.  Orgonite can help to block out the negative effects of 5G near the body and restore natural balance so that you can get the best nights sleep you’ve had in years! We explained how in this video.

Orgone is a word used to describe the life-force energy which permeates all of nature and living beings.  Orgonite is a natural technology created to emit neutralizing orgone energy that can be measured as negative ions in the atmosphere, that transforms stray electromagnetic fields into non-harmful, healing energy.


  • Sleep deeply WITHOUT the need for unnecessary sleeping medication
  • Easily fits in your palm and is portable for the jet-setting working professional
  • Enhances your energy field and reduces the negative effects of EMF on your body
  • Can be placed directly on the body for instant relief from EMF-induced aches and pains
  • Can be put under the pillow and still be effective

We wrote a blog on how we test the strength of our orgonite sleeping pods by the famous ice test.

If you would like to know what goes into our handcrafted orgonite products, and how you can make it yourself, you can see our presentation video ‘How We Make Our Orgonite, Step By Step Guide’:

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We’re celebrating our two year anniversary making orgonite for over two thousand happy customers!

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Each product is handmade to order  
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