Meet the Fix the World Team!


Fix the World consists of a small, but hard working dedicated team of individuals. We all wear many hats including: Virtual Assistants, Marketing Experts, Social Media Managers, Online Campaign Managers, Engineering Instructors and Researchers, Finance Managers, Contents and Media Editors and Local Operations Support.

hope-girl“Hope Girl”

While working as a Financial Analyst with a billion dollar Investment Bank firm, Naima Feagin became a whistleblower  and created a movement under the name “Hope Girl” to join those who are working to end corruption and create a new paradigm. Her first viral blog post “While You Were Asleep: The Story of the 2012 Revolution” highlighted the facets of hidden corruption in the global economy. Shortly after, she reached out to the world asking for solutions and compiled a book titled “How to Fix the World”, which provides solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems written by 300 people from 37 countries. The book was then made into a documentary film of the same title and showcases many of the planet changing project ideas from around the world.

Holding an MBA and a variety of business experience, she wrote “A New Paradigm Business Model” and founded the Fix the World Organization (FTW), dedicated to manifesting planet changing ideas through humanitarian projects, learning, and a network of resources. FTW holds plans for over 60 projects, with over 40 partnering organizations and a social media following of approximately 200,000. In 2013 FTW launched its pilot project of local community production and distribution of a Quantum Energy Generator.



James Robitaille

Lead QEG Engineer Designer
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FTW Technology R&D Director
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Valerie Robitaille

Health Projects Coordinator
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Email Administrator
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